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They tell me: “Why do you still bother with these stories about islam at your age ? You should be taking care of yourself.”

I wouldn’t want to do a bad play on words that would offend the pain of the assassinated teacher’s family, but I answered that I had to do it because I still have all of my head, and that “avoiding making waves!” did not suit me at all.

Because that is the accusation Reis Erdoğan is making about President Macron from high on a tribune to his faithful: that he no longer has his head. “He needs mental treatment” he said. I did not hear him say that about the terrorist who committed the crime. I suppose the loving care the latter will receive from the virgins meant to greet him in the martyrs’ paradise will be all he needs.

I remember very well that Erdoğan’s media made headlines saying that the French intelligence services had organized the attack and insulted the victim in passing. France would kill its teachers, organize plots, the better to attack Islam. I won’t forget that when Erdoğan speaks to his troops of faithful bigots, the latter already have this thought in their head, that there is a great conspiracy against Islam and that, accordingly, it’s sole defender on earth is Erdoğan the Magnificent.

I let you make the connection between his need to victimize Turkey, to point at foreign aggressors, in order to have people forget that the Turkish army is omnipresent on the territory these days, and that it is busy killing.

The assassin thus becomes the martyr in need of defending, as if he was a brother. Erdoğan does not say this in so many words, but since he considers the murder of the teacher Samuel Paty as part of a conspiracy, the assassin becomes a manipulated victim.

Do not think he simply pulled this out of his hat. This has always been his policy: domestic enemies, foreign enemies, the nation under attack and religion as the cement to stand strong against this. Except for occasional details, we are in the continuity of what came before him. He simply does it all in a showy and bellowing style, that’s all. And since he feels very much alone among all the mafiosi with an eye on his job, he plays the big guy and shows his muscles.

Erdoğan is careful not to forget anyone. Recently, he gave a speech on the necessary unity of Islam despite “the diffrences between us”, he said. Of course, it goes without saying, he is the big brother among the brothers, in a spirit of Ottoman conquest. He is a member of NATO after all, and that gives him clout. With Greece, he panders to the marine, while remaining suspicious of officers from the old guard. With Syria, he flatters all and every nationalist, including those in the opposition, forever anti-Kurdish. In passing, he relieves the military who only need to command jihadists, recycled under uniforms, mercenary militias always handy for the dirty work… There is only the economy that goes on troubling him. Between corruption taking its share, the constant fall of the lira and withdrawals from investors, he no longer knows what treatment to apply, especially since Covid has gotten mixed into the problem.

What a fine opportunity to mobilize shopowners. And so the television screens are filled with caddies overflowing with “French products” being pulled off the shelves. Each shop owner following the Reis must show how he is part of the national campaign fighting against the designated enemy of Islam.

Once the storm blows over, these products from the devil will certainly have appreciated by 10% when they are put up for sale again, as a participation premium to the national effort.

boycott france

I truly believe that the finest premium for Erdoğan was the echo his comments found in France. Touched to the quick as we can well undertand, President Macron sounded the horn on TV, like Roland in the history books. But Erdoğan doesn’t care, he has managed to set off a wave of Islamist gatherings a bit all over. Just as in history, France’s protests are a rear-guard battle.

Had France not let Turkey do whatever it wanted “with moderation” as said a minister during the Afrin invasion, if, in order to satisfy its domestic xenophobia, it had not taken part in the great haggling over migrants… If only… If only… I am not going to write again what I have been saying for years. French diplomacy has turned into a midget in Turkey’s eyes, after so many self-interested concessions, course changes, liberal compromises…So given the opportunity, political Islamism rejoices and goes on the attack. When considered from the Gulf countries, things are no better for the French member of the UN’s Security Council.

I also seemed to guess in the “boss'” speech that he hopes President Macron will lose the next elections. A message for the Turkish diaspora in France, no doubt… I also notice that the mental treatment requested for the President, does not extend to the political class that allowed free rein to anti-Muslim racism in the last few days. What enraged Erdoğan, even falsely, was the speech against political Islamisms, not the racism targeting Muslims. Racism he knows well, it is even one of the regular instruments of his power. And in his view, all Muslims are children of political Islam, or they don’t exist. Does not a child of Turkey occupy a choice seat among representatives in France? I hope they won’t send him back to us, we have enough like him already.

Your French President should give careful thought to his response. Political Islam and its self-proclaimed leader in Turkey launched a kind of fatwa against him, and it could very well be executed by your own nationalist extreme rightwingers, curiously enough.

You were right, involving myself in these matters is making me lose my sense of humor. I will go take some mental health care of myself.

And for a clear understanding:

“From a mental health point of view, Macron needs a treatment…What else can you say to a State leader who does not understand freedom of religion, who behaves this way toward people of different beliefs living in his own country? First of all, an examination, at the mental level…

Every fourth morning that comes along, you worry about Erdoğan. Hey, concerning yourself with Erdoğan won’t give you anything…In any event, in almost one year, there will be elections. And we’ll see what your fate is at those elections…”

[Faithful translation, with no redacting, just like the video from the Anadolu Agency… the regime’s megaphone to which we won’t give more audience than it deserves…]

A note from Kedistan: on social networks, “caricatures” abound or photographic montages representing Macron as a dog or a pig…An embarrassment of riches, you find everything. Homophobia guaranteed, Macron as a “woman”. In passing, Brigitte Macron is not spared, attacks targeting more particularly her age and her physical appearance…In short, the best of stupidity and the worst of hatred that one can find. These images reflect a state of hysteria beyond all political expression. Proof that the regime is opening useful gates there also. Note that some of these images are dated and are copies “made in France”.

macron insultes

boycott france

Translation by Renée Lucie Bourges
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