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Criticism and kindly advice, improper interpretations aimed at the HDP, in the total absence of its elected members, representatives and spokespersons continue in those media devoted to the Single Word and all those who follow it…

All this media black magic serves as preparation to a possibility of placing this Party among the outlaws for “secession and division of the Nation”.

In one of its recent columns Kedistan mentionned this sort of embargo, and the efforts of one and sundry to render this progressive and democratic party invisible and inaudible, and the murky stench of its wished-for annihilation…

In an article published on June 21 2020 in Nupel, Oktay Candemir wrote exactly what I meant to write, so I am gifting you with a translation.

What Must the HDP Do ?


The HDP must take its distance from the PKK,

The HDP must take its distance from Barzani,

The HDP must take its distance with the Kurds in Rojava.

And that will not be enough!

It must take its distance with its ex co-president Selahattin Demirtas!

It must take its distance from its arrested co-mayors!

It must take its distance from eartquakes and no longer aid quake victims, and even though the HDP is responsible for eartquakes, it must denounce earthquakes too!

It must take its distance from violent artists such as Bruce Lee, Cüneyt Arkin and Erol Tas!

It must take its distance on earth with ants, water, fish and birds in the air!

Members and supporters of the HDP must take their distance from halay, horon and the zeybek! 1

It must take its distance from countries such as Djibouti, Liechtenstein, Mauritania and localities and villages such as Afyonkarahisar, Sakarya, Dumlupınar, Malaklar, Gebeşler, Dingiller ve Estağrufullah (Urfa)!

It must take its distance from towns where it obtained the most votes, such as Diyarbakır, Van…

Already, the effort demonstrated by the police in order to put a distance between it and the population when the deputies arrive in these towns to participate in various initiatives, is admirable.

And this will not be enough! It must also take its distance from its 6 million voters!

It must absolutely take its distance [from songs such as] Sülman Aga in Thrace, The green collared duckin Central Anatolia, from The vines of Gesi in Kayseri, “The roads of Yenice” in Adana!

If the HDP does not take its distance from all these things, it will mean that Turkey’s indivisible integrity is threatened.

The HDP taking its distance from everyone would be a good thing for the establishment of the established order and the State’s survival. In order to do so, the Oriental Distancing Plan shall be implemented and the Immutable Distancing Law shall be decreed.

The HDP must take its distance from Planet Earth!

They will end up going as far as saying “go practice your politics in space”.

If the HDP went off into space, they would tell it to “take its distance from the stars”, I swear, they would say it!

Whatever you do, these excuses will never end. In fact, they want the HDP to disappear.

The best is for the HDP to take its distance from them. The HDP should take its distance from existing parties and media because the HDP is not their equal.

Translation by Renée Lucie Bourges
*A word to English-speaking readers: in all instances where the original text is in Turkish or Kurdish, the English version is derived from French translations. Inevitably, some shift in meaning occurs with each translation. Hopefully, the intent of the original is preserved in all cases. While an ideal situation would call for a direct translation from the original, access to information remains our main objective in this exercise and, we hope, makes more sense than would a translation provided by AI…
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