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Since the end of the summer, migrants, mostly from the Middle East, Syria and Irak, have transited through Belarus in order to reach Europe.

The Belarussian regime, sanctioned by the EU because of its policies toward its opponents and its failings in the most basic of human rights, uses migrants – just as Erdoğan does in Turkey –  as a means of blackmail in order to obtain the lifting of the sanctions. To this purpose, Belarus has facilitated the migratory road toward Europe thanks to its common borders with Poland and Lithuania, notably.

Poland, a member of the EU practices a strict migratory policy and has always refused to allow migrants into the EU, especially under the rule of the current regime.  Faced with this instrumentalization by Belarus, the Polish regime has adopted violent means of push-back at the border, in total disrespect of international humanitarian law, notably concerning unaccompanied minors, potential victims of human trafficking.

The Belorussian policy of pushing migrants to the border while blocking their return is causing de facto separations of families and groups, while exposing them to repression by Polish forces.

Everything is taking place in full view of an international community multiplying press releases condemning Belarus  but providing no help whatsoever for the time being to the migrants trapped by a criminal application of geopolicies. Poland, for its part, respects none of its own international commitments either, concerning the right to exile.

These migrants, mostly arriving from the Middle East, must be heard. This is why a movement of support is emerging.

We are aware of the fact that migratory tragedies occur each and every day, in the Meditteranean as well as in the Channel crossings, at all ports of entry into the EU. There are thousands of victims. These events between Poland and Belarus are in addition to these, but must also be denounced on the scale of the tragedy occurring there.

 Appeal for migrants trapped between Poland and Belarus 

pologne bielorussie migrants

The crisis experienced by migrants continues on the border between Poland and Belarus.

We cannot remain silent when faced with this tragedy touching, once again, hundreds of families, mostly Kurdish, on the border between Poland and Belarus.

Indeed, the situation is becoming dangerously mired for these families, trapped between Poland who refuses to allow them entry on its territory and Belarus forbidding their return on its own.

Hundreds of people, of Syrian and Iraki nationality, find themselves trapped, some directly at the border, others out in the open or under the flimsiest of shelters in various places in Belarus. Dozens of families are fighting for their survival deprived of all contact with the outside world.

Phones were confiscated from those who found themselves at border crossings. Some managed to hide theirs from the soldiers and told their contacts that if nothing was done, they would die in the coming days.

These groups are forbidden to light fires, they cannot respect the most basic rules of hygiene or find ways to occupy the children. One the one side, Belorussian authorities force their passage toward Poland and on the other side, Poland denies them entry on its territory.

Exhausted, the trapped migrants find themselves dying little by little.

They appeal to Kurdish and international public opinion and ask that European humanitarian organizations be allowed to provide necessary aid, especially to children and sick people.

Their wish is, either to see the borders to Europe opened to them, or to be sent back to Irak, rather than being left to die of hunger or illness because of these two countries, and under the eyes of international public opinion.

The conditions to which these people are currently subjected are a glaring humanitarian problem. In order to maintain some hope of surviving, they need the support of public opinion and of defendors of human rights.

We, the undersigned, as defendors of human rights,  ask the competent authorities to provide an emergency solution to this situation so this human tragedy will cease as quickly as possible.


Abdullah Demirbaş (Sur Belediyesi Eski Eşbaşkanı), Adnan Bilen (Gazeteci), Akın Birdal (Siyasetçi, İnsan Hakları Savunucusu), Aktion für Flüchtlingshilfe e.V, Ali Kenanoğlu (HDP milletvekili), Ali Özşerik (Gazeteci), Alternatif Karadeniz İnisiyatifi, Amed Dicle (Gazeteci), Arat Barış (Gazeteci), Arzu Demir (Gazeteci), Aslı Erdoğan (Yazar), Aslıhan Gençay (Gazeteci), Atilla Tuygan (Editör, Çevirmen), Avrupa Demokratik Dersim Birlikleri Federasyonu (ADEF), Avrupa Demokratik Haklar Konfederasyonu (ADHK), Avrupa Demokratik Kadın Hareketi, Avrupa Demokratik Kürt Toplum Kongresi (KCDK-E), Avrupa Devrimci Demokratik Komün İnisiyatifi (ADDKİ), Avrupa Ezilen Göçmenler Konfederasyonu (AvEG-KON), Avrupa Kürt Kadın Hareketi (TJKE), Avrupa Sosyalist Kadınlar Birliği, Avrupa Türkiyeli İşçiler Konfederasyonu (ATİK), Ayşe Açar Başaran (HDP milletvekili), Aziz Çiftçi (Gazeteci), Barış Balseçer (Gazeteci), Barış Barıştıran (Gazeteci), Barış Boyraz (Gazeteci), Barış Yıldırım (Yazar, Besteci, Çevirmen), Bayram Balcı (Gazeteci), Berivan Eminoğlu (Gazeteci), Carol Mann (Sociologue), Ceren Ceylan (Gazeteci), Ceren Karlıdağ (Gazeteci), Delphine Durand (Poétesse), Demokratik Alevi Federasyonu (FEDA), Deniz Babir (Gazeteci), Dersim Dağ (HDP milletvekili), Dersim İnşa Kongresi (DİK), Dilan Karacadağ (Gazeteci), Dilek Aykan (Gazeteci), Duygu Erol (Gazeteci), Elif Aydoğmuş (Gazeteci), Erdal Alıçpınar (Gazeteci), Erdal Er (Gazeteci), Erdoğan Zamur (Gazeteci), Erem Kansoy (Gazeteci), Eren Keskin (Avukat, İnsan Hakları Derneği Eşbaşkanı), Erkan Gülbahçe (Gazeteci), Ertuğrul Kürkçü (Halkların Demokratik Partisi Onursal Başkanı), European Institute for Sustainable Development, Ezidi Koordinasyonu, Fatma Şık (Sur Belediyesi Eski Eş Başkanı), Faysal Sarıyıldız (HDP Eski Milletvekili), Feda Fehim Işık (Gazeteci), Feleknas Uca (HDP milletvekili), Feyyaz Brusk (Gazeteci), Filiz Zeyrek (Gazeteci), Gıyasettin Sayar (Berlin Eski Parlamenteri), Hakan Alak (Yönetmen), Hatip Dicle (Demokratik Toplum Kongresi Eski Eş Başkanı), Hayko Bağdat (Gazeteci), Heta Sor, Heval Arslan (Gazeteci), Hişyar Özsoy (HDP milletvekili), Human Rights Defenders e.V., Hüseyin Kaçmaz (HDP milletvekili), Hüseyin Yılmaz (Ağrı Eski Belediye Eş Başkanı), İbrahim Gümüş (Gazeteci), İç Anadolu Kürtleri Platformu (PKAN), IFFA – Initiative für Flüchtlinge Augsburg, İshak Karakaş (Yazar), İsviçre Kürt Enstitüsü, KCDK-E, Komün Dergisi, Komün Dergisi Avrupa, Leonard F. Seidl (Yazar – Schriftsteller), Mahir Üzmez (Gazeteci), Maraş Dernekleri Federasyonu (MARDEF), Marija Vassilievich (Comédienne), Meltem Oktay (Gazeteci), Meral Danış Beştaş (HDP Milletvekili), Mezopotamya Halk Kongresi, Mezopotamya Özgürlük Partisi (MÖP), Muhsin Osman (Irak Parlamentosu Eski Parlamenteri), Murat Bakur (Gazeteci), Musa Piroğlu (HDP milletvekili), Naz Öke (Kedistan), Nazey Kulu (Gazeteci), Neşe Özgen (Barış Akademisyeni), Nizam Baran (Gazeteci), Nor Zartonk – Avrupa, Nurettin Büyük (Gazeteci), Nuri Akman (Gazeteci), Oğuz Birinci (Gazeteci), Ömer Faruk Gergerlioğlu (HDP Kocaeli Milletvekili), Pero Dündar (HDP milletvekili), Ramazan Marangoz (Gazeteci), Sabri Bölek (Gazeteci), Sait Öztürk (Gazeteci), Saruhan Oluç (HDP milletvekili), Selami Arslan (Gazeteci), Selim Sadak (Siirt Belediyesi Eski Eş başkanı), Seydi Fırat (Gazeteci), Sibel Yiğitalp, (HDP eski Milletvekili), Sırrı Sakık (Ağrı Belediyesi Eski Eş Başkanı), Solidarity With Others, Sosyalist Yeniden Kuruluş Partisi – Avrupa (SYKP Avrupa), Suna Alan (Gazeteci), Şehbal Şenyurt Arınlı (Yönetmen), Tayip Temel (HDP milletvekili), Taylan Kulaçoğlu (Aktivist), Tony Rublon (President des Amities kurdes de Bretagne), Tugay Bek (Adana Barosu Avukatı), Veysel Işık (Gazeteci), Xeta Sor, Yaşanacak Dünya, Yeni Demokratik Gençlik (YDG), Yeşil ve Sol Avrupa, Zehra Doğan (Sanatçı, Gazeteci), Zeynep Esmeray Özadikti (Tiyatrocu)…

Translation by Renée Lucie Bourges
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