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I promised an inventory à la Prévert. I’m keeping my words.

An epidemic
Two ministers three nurses one mask
Twenty-two grave diggers one title on the stock market
The raccoon washes his hands
One woman billboard-sandwich
One violin one helmet
One big bag of noodles
One tsunami
One deputy
One assembly with its doormat
One man in respiratory distress
The raccoon

One doctor doctoring his stories
One iron lung
The fear we’re calling concern
Two corona types on a big bed
One puppet from Nice
One shortage three pangolins one flask
One virus pinned on a nursemaid
One closed open market in China
One half-dozen men in blue
Five men in white
Ten red eyes one Gallic rooster
One negligence on a racetrack
One national marine
One disgraceful jogger
Two poetic verses from Sibeth
Three locusts one marching wooden nickel
Three or four symptomatic deputies
The raccoon

One matter-dolorosa two toilet papers
Three nightingales two pairs of socks five liars
One gentleman of the world
One woman of the world
One black suit two cabinets
One coronavirus three major pardons
One cough one goodbye
Une abandoned one one old nutmeg
One well-authorized gentleman one kite
One regime of measures one banana one family expedition
One sanitary cordon three umbilical cords
One winter frost one alcoholic guy
One dog gone out to pee one glorious day
One sex tape
One teleworker one election
One sauerkraut one head one minister
One Saturday night working
One poignant aide one poem
One old-timer
Three men of war
One Emmanuel the First
One hundred masks
One doctrine
Two Philippe II
The raccoon

One drone
Two chloroquinines
One Vidal dictionary
Three disagreements
One Thousand and One Nights
One curfew
Five boxes to tick off four cardinal points
One apostle twelve respirators
One hundred and thirty five euro fine
One year in prison six or seven capital sins
Three pumps one mask
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seas
Thirty-two positions
Two thousand years after Jesus Christ
Five confinements following each meal
Forty minutes of intermission
One second of inattentiveness
And naturally
The raccoon… without a mask

And in order to catch your breath:

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Illustration: photograph by Jacque-André Boiffard (carnival mask worn by Pierre Prévert, Jacques’ brother) 1930

Translation by Renée Lucie Bourges |
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