Once again, Turkey’s name is being pronounced like a curse word by all those across the world who already have to deal with a burning planet. And their indignation is totally warranted.

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Erdoğan, Turkey’s Reis, is nothing but a butcher and his supporters wade in slaughterhouse excrements.

Not so long ago, while ISIS was slitting throats, raping, plundering yet doing business nonetheless, Erdogan allowed the buying of cotton, oil from the bearded ones, and had them treated in hospitals located on the border. At the same time, he continued to cherish other bearded ones, who were against Bachar but for their own advantage, the same ones he is now using as his assault force in his dirty Syrian war. He even calls them the “Syrian national force”, no less!

Erdoğan cossetted his protégés, the ones he contributed in installing in Afrin, among other feats of war, where rapes, plundering, torture set the rythm for the appeased life under the “olive branch”.

I though I had seen, heard and read everything.

Our Prime Minister, visiting with friendly strangers, declared that everything was done according to international rules. The attack plan was filed with the UN, along with the motives, the authorizing articles and everything. Same thing with NATO, of which Turkey is a member. As a result, le secretary invited the use of bombs that would avoid civilians and NATO declared as degitimate Turkey’s will to protect itself on its borders…that is, a bit beyond its frontiers, but this is for the common good against terrorism, we won’t start arguing over 30 kilometers more or less. In the previous century, in Austria, another dictator had attempted moving ahead a bit too far without anyone budging. There’s international jurisprudence, isn’t there? I think it’s called the Munich article.

What happened was Trump had just changed phone service. While attempting to get used to his new iPhone, he tweeted a few bits of bullshit, just to check it out. Erdoğan took it all for cash and called him on the spot. “Green light” said Donald, before saying the opposite at the end of the day. “Tough, what’s said is a done deal”, answered our Reis. That’s how the whole thing started.

Thing is, Erdoğan had been waiting a long time for this moment.

He was raised in the belief that our Ottoman ancestors would never have accepted that those territories be handed over to others than Turkey. And since that notion is well establish here, he found a way to make it happen: a buffer zone where the Turkish flag would fly peacefully, even if that means having to massacre all the inhabitants or shoving them off to another place. You have to wonder where… And to top it off, it so happens that all the Party leaders at the last elections were in perfect agreement with the principe, all the way from the so-called Kemalist Left to the extreme right-wing grey wolves. A fine customs union, the whole lot of them.

Turquie Erdogan

And they made statements and called for prayers for soldier Mehmet off to kill some Kurds in Syria, just like he did in Eastern Turkey these past few years… It ‘s enough to make you sick to your stomach.

Erdoğan is no fool, he’ll put his bearded protégés to the fore. He had already done some of that since 2015. It was hard to know who was under the beret or the scarf. Hired guns. Including, in 2015, certified FETÖ officers Erdoğan has jailed since, so as to leave no crime unpunished. No, not for killing Kurds, that’s legitimate, but for “security”, because of the strange coup… If they were still around, I wonder what those FETÖ officers would think of the latest Syrian stroll to chase down Kurds.

In short, except for the democratic left, not to call it the HDP, all our Party leaders will pose for the war bounty photo, one foot on the beast… In their dreams, at least…

Please excuse me for adopting such a tone, but it’s either that or puking…

“Not in my name”. Isn’t that what you write on your posters? Except for the Kurds and all the others who have already lost everything, who in Turkey will dare to march with those words?

We played at the see-no-evil, hear-no-evil, speak-no-evil monkeys in the case of Afrin, just as the authorities requested. And since the price of pots and pans has increased, we avoid beating on them.

I suppose they’ll be asking us to put the flag out on our balconies again. I’d rather use mine to wipe my feet in the bathroom. It is already too red with the blood poured out for this racist, stinking nationalism.

Tell me you won’t let this go through?

Zehra Doğan, to whom I owe so much of my courage, published one of her prison drawings today. It is in such agreement with the day.

Translation by Renée Lucie Bourges
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