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In January, we had called for a movement of solidarity for “a full-moon evening“.  The invitation was heard and the night proved luminous.

Wishes for freedom, other thoughts and expressions of support carried by the rays of the goddess star flew toward the prisons in Turkey to join the prisoners,  Zehra Doğan among them.

This kind of solidarity evening may have seemed surprising, far removed as it was from usual forms of militancy.

Here is the recent letter from Zehra, sent from her prison in Tarsus, telling us about this evening,  followed by a few of the glimpses we have received…

January 20 2019

I am writing to you by the light of the moon. It is full and hanging above my head.

This night has a special meaning. I’m extremely touched, And, strangely today, the full moon appears to us in all its splendor.

Every night when the moon appears, Dersim climbs to the window and yells “asmeee!” That means “moon” in zaza. She learnt it from Mother Sisê. Mother Sisê who gazes at the moon every night and blows kisses in its direction. She gives it a lot of importance and treats it as a sacred being. In  our culture, the value of the moon can be compared to no other.

Tonight, the moon is decked with clouds. It is so beautiful, I don’t know how to describe it. A huge bright moon, surrounded by foam.

I will have seen the most beautiful moons in my life from jail. And tonight it the most beautiful of them all. And I write this letter in the light of this beauty. Our letters from Tarsus are permeated by the light of the moon, are you aware of this? Here, I always write to you in its glow. The moon will have taken on another meaning for the two of us also…

All the women here looked at the moon in order to feel you, you who are so far away, and we sent you our greetings. With some very lovely emotions, we spread our energy across the universe. We could feel you. I hope you could feel us too.

 The moon is magnificent tonight and I am filled with beautiful feelings. I feel very happy. I can feel you and all women. Ishtar, Isis,  all the goddesses are the moon. Their name may be different with the Sumerians, in Egypt, in the Land of Babel, but it is the same woman, the same moon.  Perhaps this is why for us the moon encompasses all these meanings; and that we can feel so much through her. With her, we are stronger and happier.

Thank you Naz, I thank you all boundlessly. Thank you for existing.


With Denis Péan and  Colin Linder in the streets of Angers

Full Moon Solidarity #Angers with Mireille #Liberté for Zehra and all political prisoners #FreeThemAll


Feature image Jaz Ezra Kleo.

Translation by Renée Lucie Bourges
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