This should cut down on paper costs…at least on paper. Because the acqui­si­tion of the main media group Doğan Medya by a close rela­tion of the Reis won’t mean an end to ads for the regime, quite the contrary.

I’ll always won­der why the Pres­i­dent is con­stant­ly on the cam­paign trail.

He criss-cross­es the coun­try with cam­eras and hacks on his tail, who then pass off their trav­el sou­venirs in the wake of the Reis on nation­al tele­vi­sion, on the oth­er chan­nels and even when the screen goes blank, it seems, so much does the Reis’ por­trait seem to be over­laid on everything…

He was still short a few news­pa­pers, I suppose…

At the same time, he shuts down yet anoth­er, just like that, Özgür­lükçü Demokrasi, that was still emerg­ing from the pile. Appar­ent­ly, it had revealed where the town of Afrin lies…It’s in Syr­ia, it seems. Fol­low­ing which the Min­is­ters who clam­or “we’re at home, here”, had some explain­ing to do…

I also heard that a French Pres­i­dent noti­fied Erdoğan he should adjust his GPS on this matter.

Erdoğan answered. I did­n’t lis­ten to all of it, but I learned that the French Pres­i­dent is “short”… Diplo­ma­cy has its secrets.

In fact, I don’t feel like laugh­ing over all this. Every day, my coun­try digs itself deep­er and deep­er into obscu­ri­ty and blood-mired mud, and instead of reach­ing out to us who are drown­ing, your gov­ern­ments hand over mon­ey to the one push­ing our head down into the muck.

I have no cause for com­plaint, com­pared to those who are under the fire of our “lib­er­a­tion forces”. Every day, I have a new col­or pho­to of the Ottoman Atatürk to replace my toi­let paper and ads for “Turk­ish prod­ucts” between two spots on Erdoğan, plus the Bospho­rus is still there for the tourists.

Yet there is still a nov­el­ty for Turkey…

In order to con­vince me to use it, I had been told that the inter­net was like a pipe in which every­one intro­duced infor­ma­tion they want­ed to show to oth­ers. Like a big world-wide tele­phone with pic­tures. In prac­ti­cal terms, I soon dis­cov­ered it was­n’t that sim­ple and, most of all, that there also, every­one want­ed to col­o­nize his share of the pipe. In sum­ma­ry, I soon under­stood that inter­net was like all the rest, in a world-wide ver­sion. If I’m still there, it’s because I’ve also under­stood that rais­ing my voice on inter­net   did­n’t have the same range as doing so on my balcony.

Fun­ny, I get the feel­ing the Reis has under­stood that too. So, they voted…

On the sly, the Par­lia­ment vot­ed a bunch of things to place inter­net in Turkey under the con­trol of a “reg­u­la­tor”.   For instance, video ser­vices will be under the con­trol of the High Coun­cil on Audio­vi­su­al (RTÜK). Plat­forms will have to request a licence, with a police inves­ti­ga­tion and every­thing. Who­ev­er says police says MIT (Turk­ish Intel­li­gence Ser­vices)… The Coun­cil will keep an eye on all that. With­in 24 hours, it will be able to block “web­sites” that will go on pro­vid­ing con­tent with a licence. This means the kedi could be banned in Istan­bul, which would be the last straw…

Erdoğan will also kill the birds, the tubes and things that start with the let­ter F, if they don’t stay in line. In order to spare them, maybe he will ask them to pass on all the “con­fi­den­tial data” lying around… It hap­pened else­where, did­n’t it?

When I look around me, I don’t see what can stop all this, oth­er than a crack that would re-open at the exit of the Bosphorus.

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Translation by Renée Lucie Bourges
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