I don’t know if they will make it all the way to my bal­cony but I hear your Euro­pean Union has decid­ed to blow a few more bil­lions in Turkey’s direction.

Busy reor­ga­niz­ing our bor­ders with Syr­ia, the Reis will be able to buy brand new armored vehi­cles to deal with the refugees. Won’t Ger­many be pleased!

Which goes to show that, with your Euro­pean Union, what counts is know­ing how to wait, and ask­ing at the right moment.

He’s done the job against “ter­ror­ists” in Syr­ia, which means addi­tion­al refugees might want to seek refuge with you, so he’s giv­en the means to rid you of them… Makes sense.

Those Euro­pean gov­ern­ments of yours are some­thing else. I can’t believe it, they must have been tak­en in by the trans­la­tors paid by Erdo­gan. They haven’t under­stood what he’s say­ing everywhere?

Some­times, as I watch from the side­lines, I get the feel­ing that your Europe is like our old Kemal­ist lead­ers who were say­ing no lat­er than yes­ter­day “this won’t con­cern us” when the Reis was hav­ing the Kurds mas­sa­cred in the East. We see what has fol­lowed since 2016, and now, we find them bay­ing at Erdo­gan’s rump for “the defence of the father­land and Turk­ish val­ues”. Do your gov­ern­ments tru­ly see what is com­ing?

They say “no blank check” and pre­tend to roll their eyes, but they agreed to the amount nonetheless…

Fine, they’re in busi­ness, they annoy the Amer­i­can ele­phant, fine, they get the feel­ing they’re giv­ing the jan­i­tor a tip so he’ll block the immi­grants in the stairs, fine again…

But right now, their jan­i­tor is out­sourc­ing with ISIS defec­tors and arm­ing them with your mon­ey, have they told you? Or do they let you go on guess­ing where the next attack will hap­pen in your country?

I read that in France, a gov­ern­ment was proud to name “a friend of Turkey” at the head of some­thing sup­posed to rep­re­sent Mus­lims. I also saw that in Ger­many, the same “friends” had increased their pres­sure capa­bil­i­ties on Ger­man polit­i­cal life. In Bel­gium, there are increas­ing num­bers of pro-Erdo­gan par­lia­men­tar­i­ans and no one acts to pro­tect those against whom the Reis pro­nounces his fat­wa from afar… And I’m only men­tion­ing those three countries.

You know, one of your coun­tries would have done 10% of that in Turkey, it would imme­di­ate­ly have been brand­ed an “invad­er”, in mem­o­ry of the Dardanelles.

So hos­pitable, your Euro­pean governments.

But not for every­one. “We can­not wel­come all the pro-Erdo­gans in the world,” they say. But they add “still, we take in our gen­er­ous share”. As for the oth­ers, let them per­form their ablu­tions in the Mediterranean.

Yes, there’s still a bit of a catch on visas. Erdo­gan will wait. He can’t have every­thing at once.

In the mean­time, I’ve been watch­ing my bal­cony since yes­ter­day, but I haven’t seen the slight­est bil­lion go by yet…

All I found was a dove who died from eat­ing too many olive branch­es.

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Translation by Renée Lucie Bourges
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