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A few years from now, we might be able to talk about this war in Ukraine but, in order to understand it, there will always be lacking this feeling of waiting for the nuclear Godot.

Fourteen days of war, and the invasion has become more precise. Everyone does their bit of analysis before all agreeing on the fact Vladimir Putin has failed at his lightning strike to throw over the Ukrainian regime, but wants to confirm his territorial conquests in the East and the South. And some, quite rightly to wonder about the consequences of territorial advances, the seizing of the Capital and the massive destructions.

Fourteen days of war, an eternity for the resisting populations and combatants. A short phase in the military invasion with its load of deaths and destructions. The time required to have the totality of the Russian troops and  military equipment on Ukrainian territory. We no longer have a time estimate on the war. And no one to this day can say how long it will last, seeing how certain resistance will prove to be.

The only certainty today, is that the now informal coalition of States allied in pronouncing sanctions, with EU in the lead, has set itself a red line of non intervention, linked to the policy of “nuclear dissuasion”. The only certainty also, is that Kremlin’s so-called “chief” does not give a damn about it and that he will take advantage both of the gas and oil needed by the EU, and of the fear escalation inspires in everyone, NATO included.

The theoreticians of the fear of Putin vs NATO must revise their campism. In purely military strategic terms, nuclear dissuasion plays in favor of Vladimir Putin. Simply because capitalism has a stake in the planet from which it draws its profits and that we can wonder how the question plays for that dictator who dreams of tactical uses of nuclear power, if needed in order to regain his footing in a world order. By taking Urkrarne, the figure of the heir to the Soviet Union who sees himself as  incarnating the traditions of Great Russia combined with the capitalism drawn from oil and gas annuities, has just blocked  the global power plays between imperialisms, be they international or regional. And unless China changes foot, he will not stop there in the coming year.

Political confusion should not be allowed when the shadow of war looms over all of Europe and millions of refugees seek asylum. Neither the European right-wing capitalists nor the chauvinistic left-wingers must be allowed to instrumentalize what belongs to the elementary solidarity of peoples.

The matter of greeting refugees cannot be considered as a “special case”. Between unconditionality and the “greeting of white Christian Caucasians,” the political debate must rest on the former.

Aid to resistance in all its forms, including weapons, is crucial and showing reluctance for those transiting by States should not be an issue, unless one wishes to request some for the invador too, so as to be “coherent” in the balancing act for peace.

Understanding at last that we have broken with a certain state of the world, which until now consisted of local wars by proxy, just as the invasion of Irak caused a major destabilization, – this would allow  putting an end to a idiotic relativism between the invasion of Ukraine and bombings in Erithrea, for example.

The backsliding in the struggle against climate changes could be important also. Already,  due to the blocus on cereals, the agro-industrial lobbies are demanding a lifting of norms  on pesticides and intrants. Energy-wise, both nuclear and the use of coal are once again at the forefront. And this notion of an European defence is seen most favorably by the weapons industry, competing with the usual NATO business.

Financiarized capitalism is opportunistic and the war is an opportunity when, reaching such.a level of threats, it provokes strong demands for securisation between States. This capitalism, emerging from the global pandemic, strongly needs cohesion in order to restructure itself within a modified balance of forces.

Keeping a space in all this for the revolutionary dream, unless one chooses to dream off in a corner while awaiting the bomb, is more difficult than ever. But going on living perhaps, helping others to live in provisional peace from where one stands  at the moment, or resisting, are guarantees of keeping the future open to a possibility of a common struggle.

In France, we are offered an electoral menu “for change” We would first need to be taking into account that change happening before our eyes, provoked in Europe and by ricochet in the whole world. Already, voices rise to say that, just as with Covid, Ukraine is a decoy and that our “sovereign” problems are much more important. In attempting to hide the moon while pointing one another out with our finger, we could end up tomorrow with the sound of boots in the dark night.

You find this pessimistic? So, read a bit, while waiting.

ESTRAGON (while chewing) – I asked you a question.


ESTRAGON – And what did you answer me?

VLADIMIR – Is your carrot tasty?

ESTRAGON – It’s sweet.

VLADIMIR – Good, so much the better. (A pause). What did you want to know?

ESTRAGON – I can’t remember. (He chews.) That’s what bothers me. (He gives the carrot an appreciative look, twirls it on the tips of his fingers.) Your carrot’s delicious. (He sucks the tip methodically.) Wait, it’s coming back to me. (He chews off a mouthful of the carrot.)


ESTRAGON (his mouth full, distractedly) – Are we bound?

VLADIMIR – I can’t hear you.

ESTRAGON(chews, swallows) – I’m wondering if we are bound.


ESTRAGON – Bo -und.

VLADIMIR – Bound how?

ESTRAGON – Hand and foot.

VLADIMIR – But to whom? By whom?

ESTRAGON – To your guy.

VLADIMIR – To Godot? Bound to Godot? What an idea? Not on your life! (A pause). Not yet. (He does not make the connection.)

Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett.

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Translation from French by Renée Lucie Bourges

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