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No one can go on pre­tend­ing they haven’t seen any­thing of the thou­sands of migrants backed up against a barbed wire bor­der between Belarus and Poland, used as pawns to set­tle geopo­lit­i­cal accounts between the EU States and Rus­si­a’s satellites.

And for those who haven’t quite caught on to the impor­tance of what is hap­pen­ing there, the prob­a­bil­i­ty of  yet anoth­er rise in the price of gas should open their eyes soon.

Many edi­to­ri­al­ists talk of a “new weapon” used by the rogue State of Belarus: instru­men­tal­iz­ing migrants in order to obtain the lift­ing of sanctions.

The weapon is so new that it was used already in 1947 in order to upset geopol­i­tics in the Mid­dle East. Europe was then busy get­ting rid of the its Jew­ish sur­vivors fo the Holo­caust and using the oppor­tu­ni­ty to set­tle its left-over colo­nial rival­ries, fol­low­ing the blood­let­ting of a World War. In 2021, the King­dom of Moroc­co also used it. This same “nov­el­ty” was used recent­ly by the Turk­ish State and now serves as the defin­i­tive barom­e­ter between the EU and the Erdoğan regime, in all instances of diverg­ing interests.

Indeed, the Euro­pean Union has “armed” the Turk­ish regime against itself, by entrust­ing it through a renew­able finan­cial agree­ment with the “guard­ing” of one of its bor­ders. This vil­lain­ous agree­ment reached on the back of migrants allows Erdo­gan to pull the strings from time to time, a prac­tice he has not failed to use in the past few years.

Giv­en that the Turk­ish nation­al air­line, close­ly linked to those in pow­er, will­ing­ly serves as “char­ter” for migrants head­ed for Min­sk, the hand of Erdoğan would also appear to be present here, in order to please Belarus’ Russ­ian ally.

Sit­ting in front of a screen, one could spend hours won­der­ing why these Kur­dish migrants, Syr­i­ans and Irakis for many of them, fam­i­lies, women, chil­dren let them­selves be trapped by cyn­i­cal manoeu­vers, thus serv­ing as polit­i­cal fod­der when they believed they had found an open door to salvation.

Ask­ing this ques­tion sim­ply serve to demon­strate how wars and the des­ti­tu­tion that fol­lows for entire pop­u­la­tions leads to the loss of all judg­ment when it comes to sav­ing a bit of the life that’s left. The will to sur­vive is the human species’ basic guar­an­tee, and the moti­va­tor of all that lives on the planet.

And it won’t be enough on Euro­pean tele­vi­sion sta­tions to allow spokesper­sons from the Pol­ish extreme right  describ­ing the “mirage of aids and sub­si­dies serv­ing as an incen­tive” to hide the plain truth, that of the first dozen of record­ed deaths,  or what­ev­er the real toll may be, in a zone under full police and mil­i­tary control.

The polit­i­cal deci­sion tak­en at the first sig­na­ture with Erdoğan hand­ed the  “migrant” weapon over to  any State involved in a dis­pute with a mem­ber of the EU. And ammu­ni­tions to feed this weapon are far from lack­ing. They are cre­at­ed mas­sive­ly by these same States, direct­ly or indi­rect­ly, at the heart of every open or sim­mer­ing war in the Mid­dle East, and far beyond.

That Belarus seizes the weapon today, when it already has the gas pipeline allow­ing it to nego­ti­ate, is noth­ing but the demon­stra­tion of the xeno­pho­bic pol­i­cy of the EU mem­ber States, such that it can give ideas to the most obtuse of autocrats.

This is the pin­cer one needs to question.

• That of the betray­al of the Kurds, for exam­ple, the minute their pur­pose as can­non fod­der against ISIS was less use­ful for inter­ests in the Mid­dle East, aban­doned in open coun­try­side as a con­se­quence of these wars, leav­ing refugees, dis­placed per­sons, social upheavals behind in a race for new alliances or con­sol­i­dat­ed ones with region­al pow­ers as watch dogs, and tac­it agree­ments with Putin’s Russia.

• That of the EU fortress, curled up against its will to fight against migra­tions, and yet depen­dent of the open­ing of its bor­ders to mer­chan­dise and finan­cial dealings.

Any rogue State could find there con­di­tions con­ducive to black­mail, with so much human mis­ery on hand to feed it.

Geog­ra­phy also means that Belarus push­es migrants against a barbed-wire bor­der of one of the Euro­pean States – along with Hun­gary – the most opposed to migra­tions. To such an extent that recent­ly still, it blocked access to Belaru­sian oppo­nents, when they proved to be democ­rats not favor­able to the Pol­ish cler­i­cal extreme right for whom “sov­er­eign” local law takes prece­dence on signed Euro­pean com­mit­ments on human rights.

And, to top it off, Euro­pean lead­ers are already speak­ing favor­ably of extend­ing a few mil­lions to strength­en the bor­der, or even set up a wall there.

Clear­ly, the atti­tude on dis­play, with the print­ing press at the ready to churn out more mon­ey, has not a thought for the flesh of migrants that may well freeze dur­ing the win­ter. The con­cern is to plug the hole in Europe’s bar­ri­er, pri­or no doubt to enter­ing into an umpteenth nego­ti­a­tion on gas.

Thus, just as France read­ies itself for its turn as “Euro­pean Pres­i­dent”, the EU may well offer the Pol­ish regime guar­an­tees, where there was talk of sanc­tions only days before. The EU’s migra­to­ry pol­i­cy, with is in fact a pol­i­cy of clo­sure dis­guised behind judi­cial ver­biage, could slide even fur­ther toward the xeno­pho­bic posi­tion of so-called “sov­er­eignist” States. Already, FRONTEX  has noth­ing of a wel­com­ing cen­ter for human rights.

France, the prey of racist and xeno­pho­bic hatred, dis­guised behind an elec­toral facade, woul be well served by this.

And even if, faced with the feel­ing of being over­whelmed to the point of pow­er­less­ness, a “peti­tion” appears use­less and laugh­able, being able to count one anoth­er, know­ing and let­ting it be known that there still exists some­where a flame of resis­tance, can­not do any harm. Sign, have oth­ers sign

I will end by say­ing that if all eyes are turned toward Poland, no one for­gets the watery grave of the Mediter­ranean, the qua­si-intern­ment camps of migrants in Greece, the slav­ery imposed on migrants in Libya, the drown­ings in the Chan­nel, the dai­ly repres­sion of migrants in North­ern France, in Calais and Dunkerque, the dai­ly and inces­sant deaths on these roads of exile…To such an extent that I might fail to men­tion the intra-con­ti­nen­tal migra­tions with­in Africa or in Latin America.

Faced with these migrants, hatred and xeno­pho­bia con­tin­ue to replace what was left of human­ism in this cap­i­tal­ist chaos, and the cli­mate cri­sis that will feed these roads of exile, along with the ongo­ing wars, does not on the point of putting a halt to iden­ti­tar­i­an claims born of populism. 

Translation by Renée Lucie Bourges
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