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With this message, Brazilian ecosocialist philosopher Michael Löwy, a member of ATTAC and author of several books, joins the mobilization for the liberation of Kurdish singer Nûdem Durak.

Freedom for the Kurdish nightingale!

Nûdem Durak is a young Kurdish singer.  Incarcerated in 2015, she was sentenced to 19 years in prison. Her crime? Singing in Kurdish. For Turkish authorities, for Erdogan’s fascistic regime, this is a dangerous act of subversion.   The Kurdish language, music, culture, art, poetry are always subversive, they represent a menace to the established order, a  challenge to existing authorities and a mark of disrespect for police decrees. To be punished severely. With 19 years in prison.

What do Nûdem Durak’s songs sing about? They sing about peace. This is dangerous. They sing about freedom. This is insolent. They sing about love. This is scandalous. They sing about the suffering of the Kurdish people oppressed for centuries. This is outlawed behavior. She sings about the dreams of emancipation of Kurdish youth. This is a crime. This is why her singing is a matter for the police and the courts. To be punished severely. With 19 years in prison.

The Kurdish nightingale’s song comes from way back. As she says, it is a heritage from her ancestors, transmitted by her parents, and that she taught to other young people. Her songs belong to this tradition of the oppressed, a Kurdish tradition of several centuries, irrepressible, unsinkable, irreductible. To be punished severely. With long years in prison.

Her weapon, more dangerous than a kalashnikov: a guitar. With her guitar and her voice, she has sown seeds of resistance, seeds of dignity. She gave rise to dreams of freedom in her listeners. She brought a breath of poetry, a breath of fresh air from the plains and the mountains of Kurdistan. To be severely punished by shutting up in a cell.

For those who still believe in peace, in freedom and in human dignity,   Nûdem Durak’s imprisonment is an unbearable affront. This is why it is time for a cry of rebellion to rise a bit everywhere in the world, in Paris, in New York, in Rio, in Santiago Chili, in Berlin, with this imperative demand:


Michael Löwy

You can support Nûdem Durak

Petition Free Nûdem Durak • Facebook @nudemdurak • Twitter @NudemDurak • Instagram @freenudemdurak • Youtube Free Nûdem Durak • Write to Nûdem and her friends in prison: Nûdem Durak M Tipi Kapalı Cezaevi Bayburt – TURKEY

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