This week, I saw how the Turkey ‘s “sources of peace” patrols were greet­ed with stones. 

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One of the videos even announced the pres­ence of Hevrin Xele­f’s moth­er. No mat­ter what the news may be, the anger is legit­i­mate from those who were betrayed by all and see armored cars from anoth­er coun­try, my own, com­mit­ting war crime upon war crime in Syr­ia. And dur­ing these protests, there was one death by crush­ing by those sav­ages and many wound­ed. All that because of stones, same as in Palestine.

You should do the same in your respec­tive coun­tries against the arms deliv­ery men and their gov­ern­men­tal sup­port­ers. Clear­ing old stocks of weapons for­bid­den by inter­na­tion­al con­ven­tions should be wor­thy of denun­ci­a­tion everywhere.

Do you know there will be a meet­ing between the Turk­ish Reis and French, British and Ger­man politi­cians in Decem­ber at the NATO sum­mit? They will be dis­cussing mon­ey and refugees prob­a­bly, with Putin on the phone. There’s a job to fin­ish, no doubt. For now, it’s “you wan­na piece of gum?” with Trump.

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At the UN, they have just exchanged the promise of no fur­ther talk about war crimes against the guar­an­tee the Syr­i­an refugees would leave Turkey for a “vol­un­tar­i­ly” return to their coun­try. Gangs should find rein­force­ment this way. And, as if noth­ing were hap­pen­ing, there’s an unob­tru­sive slide into accept­ing the eth­nic purifi­ca­tion of a part of occu­pied Syr­ia. It reminds me of some­thing where there was also a wall, an occu­pied zone, dur­ing this year when we’re cel­e­brat­ing the 1989 Berli­nan­dia; which does­n’t make me any younger, come to think of it.

I also saw images where the Turk­ish occu­pa­tion troops were chang­ing the Kur­dish signage…That takes me back to 1939…Also after a Munich. My child­hood’s great­est hits are doing play­backs, with attack drones added for good measure.

And yet, the Reis has noth­ing to brag about. The finan­cial cri­sis has start­ed up again, Putin has him cor­nered and all the pow­er-hun­gry lurk­ers are wait­ing for a false move on his part. All of them, repub­li­cans, mil­i­tarists and lovers of dead Kurds, but not all invit­ed at the cor­rup­tion ban­quet; so of course that cre­ates oppo­si­tion. There were still some left to call them social democ­rats, all those rot­ten vul­tures on the look­out since the coup in 2016… Have you no shame?

Your Euro­pean gov­ern­ments know all this. The moment is ripe for stick­ing in the ban­der­il­las instead of quak­ing…But maybe you love long beards? Who knows. The fas­cist salute or father­ly beard, which way does my heart lead, yes? You can have both, you know, the way we do.

Seen from afar, and most­ly look­ing at France, I get the feel­ing that you have media fash­ions and polit­i­cal surges that turn their backs on the real­i­ties expe­ri­enced by so many men and women in our region. Between the debate on the envi­ron­men­tal­ly-friend­ly veil and the one on the Islam­ic tran­si­tion, one can get lost in your debates just as one does in Erdo­gan’s media.

In Ger­many a min­is­ter had a good idea, that of send­ing in sol­diers to impose a cease fire on Turkey. Evey­body told her to shut up, remind­ing her that the AKP also has a lot of mem­bers in her coun­try and that they might cause trou­ble local­ly… In Great Britain, they are search­ing for exits with­out broach­ing the subject…But we will greet the NATO banquet.

Yet you have all the means to make life dif­fi­cult on the invader!

I know, in say­ing this I’m play­ing at know-it-all. But don’t come cry­ing lat­er, when Erdo­gan will ask you for favors and will talk of con­sciences that have been raped. Rapes, assas­si­na­tions, real ones, are occur­ring under your eyes and all you cow­ards do is look the oth­er way!

I don’t mean you, dear read­ers, but some day, you might want to rid your­selves of the wheel­er-deal­ers lead­ing you, with­out choos­ing even worse in the bar­gain. We failed here in Turkey and we know the cost: an Islam­ic State. We are all in the same boat. And I recall read­ing a let­ter from Aslı Erdoğan that already point­ed toward the shipwreck.

I send you greet­ings from Istan­bul before slid­ing under the carpet.

Translation by Renée Lucie Bourges
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