The Douarnenez Film Fes­ti­val is a great and ongo­ing adven­ture since 1978. Every year the fes­ti­val explores a dif­fer­ent des­ti­na­tion through film, music, con­fer­ences and extends a hearty invi­ta­tion to meet cul­tures, sto­ries, artis­tic cre­ations and strug­gles of peo­ples across the world.

A Film Fes­ti­val, yes, but don’t be fooled, that’s not all there is to it!

The Douarnenez Film Fes­ti­val orga­nizes debates and meet­ings around the films with hun­dreds of guests : film mak­ers, actors, pro­duc­ers, people’s rep­re­sen­ta­tives, activist asso­ci­a­tions and NGOs, com­mit­ted jour­nal­ists, social sci­ence researchers, spe­cial­ists, writ­ers, artists on site and open to exchanges – all pro­vid­ing access to a live­ly cross cur­rent of points of view.

Zehra Dogan Douarnenez

There is a selec­tion of films and a fes­ti­val ded­i­cat­ed to chil­dren with spe­cial activ­i­ties around meet­ings with the invit­ed peoples.

There are also pho­to­graph­ic and mul­ti-dis­ci­pli­nary exhi­bi­tions, an exper­i­men­tal images fair, a lis­ten­ing dome for radio pro­grams, con­certs, a clos­ing evening event, a ded­i­cat­ed book­store and a writ­ing workshop.

You will meet and share with guests and fes­ti­val goers from the area and else­where around the big top in the fes­tive and friend­ly tem­po­rary vil­lage, in the Festival’s bars and organ­ic food restaurants.

Here is the Fes­ti­val’s pre­sen­ta­tion of its 40th anniver­sary edition:

For its 40th édi­tion, the Douarnenez Film Fes­ti­val chose a theme that has run through sev­er­al of its pre­vi­ous edi­tions and that is at the core of our cur­rent préoc­cu­pa­tions — the ques­tion­ing of the notion of borders.

Our inten­tion is to look at a fron­tier not as an arbi­trary cut-off point or a divid­ing bar­ri­er but as a zone for exchanges, a place to occu­py as a com­mon ter­ri­to­ry. At least for a time, that of the fes­ti­val and the pos­si­bil­i­ties dis­cussed and/or dreamed of here in Douarnenez.” 

Zehra Doğan

Kedis­tan will be at the Fes­ti­val again this year. This time, the kedi are bring­ing with them “the escaped works” of the Kur­dish jour­nal­ist and artist Zehra Doğan who is cur­rent­ly in prison. Zehra was a guest at last year’s fes­ti­val. She had already been arrest­ed once and the arrest had kept her from attend­ing. She was guest of hon­or in absentia.

A sélec­tion of 22 or her works will be on exhi­bi­tion in the“Miettes de Baleine” gallery, pri­or to a full exhi­bi­tion of some six­ty of her works that will tour sev­er­al towns in France and in Europe. A book with some of her writ­ings and over six­ty of her pic­toral works, paint­ings and draw­ings will be pub­lished under the title “Les yeux grands ouverts (Eyes Wide Open), with advance avail­abil­i­ty at the Festival.

Dis­cov­er Zehra’s work and come meet us by the same token.

We will be there also at the debates, talks, screen­ings and shows…
So don’t hes­i­tate to tap us on the shoulder !

We will also pro­vide echoes of the event on our pages at the end of August…

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Teas­er for the 40th Douarnenez Film Festival

And Zehra…

Türkçe Douarnenez Sine­ma Fes­ti­vali 2017 • “Sınır­lar”
French  Douarnenez, le fes­ti­val de ciné­ma sans frontières

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