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Several months have gone by without our soliciting readers for a bit of financial support. And that is simply because the pandemic has totally reduced all activities other than the downloading of the magazine – as will probably be the case for the first semester of 2021.

Donations from 2020 thus allowed us to cover regular expenses for the year,, for which we again thank our donors. We take the opportunity to remind them these donations are tax deductible and declaring them will provide them with a tax credit. To this purpose we have chosen the Hello Asso platform who should forward the summary. Should this not be the case, please contact us via the website address.

None of the Kedistan team members are paid. We are all volunteers. The “Friends of Kedistan” Association is not for profit and has no employees. We do not rent premises, the magazine does not receive any press subsidies, although we have a magazine status, and we still refuse all advertising. If we consider important to repeat this, it is because there is always a ill-intentioned tongue somewhere that insists on claiming otherwise. And when we promote a book, it is always because this book strikes us as important, not as a sponsored item.

Those being the kibbles we might eat by surfing on alternative information sites concerning Turkey and the Middle East!

However we have chosen a secure platform for the website, allowing fluid connections for consultations, with regular maintenance; such tools are not free of cost, Those are the main expenses for which we request a hand. Here again, we take the opportunity to remind you that if your navigator always signals the website as “non secured” according to GAFA norms, this is simply because the manipulations required in order to archive almost 3 500 articles and ten times that number of external or internal links require an appropriate time slot during which to put the magazine in “repair mode”. Don’t worry, you will soon see a “https” with a green logo on your navigator. Google will be pleased.

You can always subscribe to the weekly newsletter, entirely free of charge. It will provide you every Saturday with a summary of the week’s articles in you email.

So, quite simply, dear readers, you give what you can or what you can’t … but want to give. Given this support, you would deserve the monicker of “share and share alike”… as the same ones seem to do the sharing regularly…
With our thanks.


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