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You called for the police? Don’t blur the image.

I received your Christ­mas present, thank you. You should­n’t have. But you know, “Brown Morn­ing” remind­ed me of some­thing. Of anoth­er sto­ry about dogs.

It’s true, at first, it does­n’t even hurt. Like an undi­ag­nosed can­cer. A mass of cells pro­lif­er­at­ing on their own. When you become aware of it, the morn­ing turns brown and your free­doms have burned like a book left too close to the fire.

Your glob­al secu­ri­ty has become your glob­al prison and you are con­fined inside it.

I saw that one of your min­is­ters, occa­sion­al­ly a great ama­teur of women in a posi­tion of weak­ness, is work­ing to give your police­men the impuni­ty some of them have request­ed for their main­tain­ing of dis­or­der. They no longer want their mugs filmed in close­up while they’re hit­ting on the pile of bod­ies. It gives them a com­plex, a men­tal prob­lem… They have had enough of the “film, broad­cast, show every­thing” and would like to revert to the good old “keep mov­ing, there’s noth­ing to see”. In short, same as with us, they want jour­nal­ism be a crime.

Mind you for the police, pre­vent­ing film­ing is bet­ter than goug­ing out eyes to keep them from see­ing, no?

That must be what democ­ra­cy is about, econ­o­miz­ing munitions.

All right, as you know, Turkey has tak­en the lead, but your gov­ern­ment will catch up with it, and faster than you think. Police cam­eras, drones, facial reconig­i­tion, police in vari­able uni­forms, all this is already usu­al over here. Weapons autho­rized for the prop­er pro­tec­tion of civ­il ser­vants. Mod­ernism turned glob­al­ly secure, in oth­er words. In any event, apart from women and LGBTIQ, and Kurds of course, those who still take the risk of demon­strat­ing over here are becom­ing rare. You will see, self-cer­sorhip quick­ly becomes a habit. In fact, I seem to notice that quite a few of your jour­nal­ists are prac­tic­ing it already. Next will come the suck­ing up, to always stay on the side of the hand that gives hand-outs.

But what I notice is that the French gov­ern­ment is doing it to you in reverse, police-wise.

We have had the army for cen­turies with so-called “demo­c­ra­t­ic” pres­i­dents that were con­trolled by the con­stant threat of a coup d’é­tat. Those were in the sec­u­lar peri­od when State nation­al­ism was mus­lim. This was in my youth, my bath of Turci­ty. In the open­ing of the years 2000, we saw broth­er Erdoğan show up, demand­ing “free­dom” along with his bud­dy Gülen. The brown morn­ing had turned green, with the help of our dear Euro­pean Union. We almost became a part of it, as an exam­ple of sec­u­lar “Tur­co-Islam­ic syn­the­sis”. Things went sour after­wards. I won’t tell you yet again how the lit­tle broth­er man­aged to put every­one asleep and lock up the oth­ers. But today, we have a brown and green morn­ing and… glob­al secu­ri­ty. And the broth­er as Pres­i­dent, as per the constitution.

In your case, I get the feel­ing that your pres­i­dent, in attempt­ing to hold on to his job, is get­ting laws vot­ed for the one who may well replace him in a year’s time. For a finan­cial lib­er­al­ist, prepar­ing the ground for a sov­er­eignist straight from the fas­cos­phere may appear sur­re­al­is­tic. But the result will be the same for you: lib­era, author­i­tar­i­an, glob­al­ly secured. Maybe with an extra dol­lop of racism, as required by the brown ones. You have “intel­lec­tu­als on reserve” for that, already in train­ing on television.

Soon you will have “real jour­nal­ists” on your TV, same as over here, with “pho­ny jour­nal­ists” con­vict­ed for hav­ing stressed out your police­men. Wait a bit longer and you will see the accu­sa­tion of “ter­ror­ism” and of “com­plic­i­ty with ter­ror­ism”, sim­ply because they will have shown them­selves a bit less Char­lie than requested.

Seen from over here, France “à la tur­ca” is not appeal­ing.

Yes, of course, I’m exag­ger­at­ing as usu­al. Appar­ent­ly, a brown France would be an his­tor­i­cal con­tra­dic­tion. In fact, the real col­ors were black and grey­ish green.

Vichy water was where you found a brown deposit.

Translation by Renée Lucie Bourges
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