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Translation of the article by Uğur Güney Subaşı, published in Turkey on November 21 2020 in Politikhane.

We are stretched out on the oper­a­tion table, like a “bod­i­less” patient who, because of the anes­the­sia not hav­ing pro­duced its intend­ed effect, remains con­scious; a patient who knows, who hears, who even sees what is going to hap­pen; but who, despite this, because the body has fall­en asleep, can­not react to the pain or to the pains soon to be admin­is­tered. As if we were not only the patient of the doc­tor every­one knows, the one whis­per­ing in our ear that he is the only per­son who can cure us, who then pro­ceeds to lac­er­ate, sav­age­ly hack away at our human organs start­ing with our heart and our mind, our virtues, using his own meth­ods; but as if we were also corpses devoid of resis­tance, of emo­tions, silent, on which stu­dents prac­tice in their final year of med­i­cine! Our “humanoid”-like bod­ies show no sign of life, while demon­strat­ing that we are human beings who, despite our tears mis­tak­en for sweat and wiped away, pos­sess fears, dreams, loves, revolts.

I observe with sad­ness our col­lec­tive insen­si­tiv­i­ty, our indif­fer­ence, our res­ig­na­tion stretch­ing out on large por­tions of soci­ety, slow­ly, like an ink stain fall­en on the ground. The worst is our state of mind and body, accus­tomed, ren­dered accus­tomed; there are not too many pos­si­bil­i­ties left for social sup­port being offered to Kurds; the sup­port they are jus­ti­fied in expect­ing from us and, it must be admit­ted, that they deserve, emerg­ing from the dusty ruins of the lives of suf­fer­ing that have land­ed on their heads, mor­ph­ing into a moun­tain of flesh: resist­ing, alley­way by alley­way, avenue by avenue, square by square, no mat­ter the cost, against end­less ille­gal­i­ties exert­ed by a cru­el author­i­ty and a State with a hate­ful face; and try­ing to make known at the world lev­el all the legal assas­si­na­tions com­mit­ted with pre­med­i­ta­tion against all of their polit­i­cal rep­re­sen­ta­tives, start­ing with their charis­mat­ic leader. I can bear wit­ness from up close.

For the cur­rent pow­er struc­ture in Turkey, hav­ing long dis­cov­ered that their coun­try­men have no use for rights, for Law, for democ­ra­cy and free­doms, espe­cial­ly when they involve Kurds, Ale­vis, non-Mus­lims, have proven time and time again, through poli­cies based on sec­tar­i­an and racist his­tor­i­cal hatred, instilled in Mus­lim Turks’ DNA, with no dis­tinc­tion between believ­ers or Kemal­ists, that it is extreme­ly clever in max­i­miz­ing its own polit­i­cal and eco­nom­ic objectives.

Start­ing from this premise, even if the pic­ture appears seri­ous for the Kurds, I think that this peo­ple no one has suc­ceed­ed in “bring­ing to its knees”, of “push­ing into the ranks”, and that has demon­strat­ed deter­mi­na­tion and obdu­ra­cy from head to foot, is not alone and hope­less, as one might think, hope, and plan to shove around and assault. I think that they eyes filled with suf­fer­ing, with dis­ap­proval, with anger fil­tered out of a dig­ni­fied life which has been trans­fig­ured into years of hell, will pro­vide the raw mate­r­i­al, the cement for their deter­mined pos­ture. I expe­ri­ence this as a pos­si­bil­i­ty for us to escape the bloody cir­cle of this hope­less coun­try fight­ing des­per­ate­ly in the awful swamp of racism and sec­tar­i­an con­fes­sion­al­ism in which , the more it strug­gles, the deep­er it sinks; that this may be a hope for us, even if only a speck, a hope for a human breath.

Uğur Güney Subaşı

Translation by Renée Lucie Bourges
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