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The vir­gins in Allah’s par­adise will be equipped with masks soon, Covid has just sent them 1 000 disciples.

In Turkey, the coun­try “that feared noth­ing” less than a month ago, that filthy virus has made vic­tims, like every­where else. And this is only the begin­ning; it pan­icked our lead­ers so bad­ly that they sud­den­ly declared a kind of gen­er­al “cur­few” for upcom­ing days.

See­ing how the busi­ness was turn­ing out in Europe, every­one had already tak­en the lead with­out wait­ing for the sig­nal, as a pre­cau­tion­ary mea­sure. And the streets of Istan­bul, nor­mal­ly teem­ing with life, had already par­tial­ly emp­tied. The first to close were the mosques, anger­ing many. And since many stores, bars and oth­er estab­lish­ments no longer had many cus­tomers, they fol­lowed suite.

This time, it’s offi­cial, we are locked in for two days.

turquie corona
turquie corona
In one short evening, the two weeks dur­ing which every­one had kept their dis­tance as best they could, were ruined. Fol­low­ing the dec­la­ra­tion of a cur­few, announced bare­ly two hours before its application…There were runs on food shops. Scenes of crowds every­where, fight­ing, push­ing one anoth­er aside in the streets while the shops emp­tied. This was already the case for cologne water but now it was about stock­ing up on food sup­plies.

Unlike Euro­pean coun­tries, Turkey has many small shops and mar­kets. And super­mar­kets are often more expen­sive. With the finan­cial cri­sis and the wars, even the mar­ket was already over­priced. And I must say this puts me in a quandary, see­ing that my pen­sion is as thin as a wire. How will I man­age tomorrow?

This evening, one spat in the face of the oth­er while grab­bing the last toma­to on the shelf. If I am to believe sci­ence, the toma­to will be ripe in fif­teen days…

All of Trump’s prayers, of those of blessed ass­es or upturned ones won’t make any difference.

I seem to under­stand there is a prob­lem with pro­tec­tive masks. Just like yours, our gov­ern­ment pre­tends. Even if Erdo­gan likes to show off by send­ing some to Europe. The British covid-afflict­ed min­is­ter even thanked him in per­son. Which is amus­ing, since the masks must have arrived too late for him.

Speak­ing of masks and of the mar­ket, a fash­ion design­er made some and gave a pile to a police­man for dis­tri­b­u­tion to the peo­ple. It was a fine ges­ture. The police­man obliged…and was arrested.

Turkey where lights were extin­guished a long time ago, is sink­ing into the murk of the great what­ev­er, now that all the wast­ed time has become obvi­ous to everyone.

The rump par­lia­ment vot­ed mea­sures to realease crim­i­nals from prison. They also con­firmed that polit­i­cal pris­on­ers were not in any way cov­ered by these mea­sures. Accord­ing to this val­ue sys­tem, a rapist has more right to being released in order to rape again than does a deputy, a may­or or a Kur­dish mil­i­tant the gov­ern­ment want­ed to get rid of.

Well, night has fall­en, the fridge is half emp­ty and Istan­bul seems to have qui­et­ed down. Out­side the filth is on the prowl and this time the police won’t be able to do a thing about an inte­ri­or ene­my you can’t hand­cuff like a Kurd.


Pho­to : Emre M. 2020, Istanbul.

Translation by Renée Lucie
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