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A wel­come rant from Rabia Mine that could also be raised out­side Turkey. Where one sees that “celebri­ties” nev­er miss a chance to yam­mer, either with the word “sol­i­dar­i­ty” in their mouths or to encour­age every­one to obe­di­ence, where­as usu­al­ly, they are quite con­tent to stand up for the estab­lished order.


Stay at home. But what home?

Dame Defne Samyeli (Turk­ish TV anchor­woman, colum­nist, singer and actress) said in a reportage “There exists a real­i­ty known as ‘nat­ur­al selec­tion’. It will car­ry off the weak­er among us… Those are the cycles of life. Thank God, I have a vil­la in the for­est, I eat healthy foods, I do my jog­ging, bla bla bla bla, stay at home!”

You piss me off. You must have held back, you could have shown off a bit more. Woman, can we still talk about “nat­ur­al selec­tion” among the liv­ing who haven’t been sat­is­fied with break­ing their links with nature but who have lit­er­al­ly signed its death war­rant? What you’re call­ing “strength” today is noth­ing oth­er than mon­ey! Only those with mon­ey will remain stand­ing and alive, whether young or old, whether in poor or in good health…Do you real­ly think that dur­ing this epi­dem­ic only those catch­ing the virus will die? No M’am.! A lot more peo­ple will die that the coro­na will not have killed – no mat­ter whether they live in forests with the strength of a tiger – they will of hunger, of oth­er ill­ness­es brought on by pover­ty, and from killing one anoth­er for a piece of dry bread. Hey, the film has­n’t even start­ed yet! All we’ve seen so far are the cred­its rolling by!

A horde of pseu­do celebri­ties, sup­pos­ed­ly send­ing out a social mes­sage are speak­ing out of their ultra-lux­u­ri­ous hous­es and telling the peo­ple “Stay at home!”

The Queen is screw­ing with me

OK, I’ll stay home, teacher. In which home, and how? In far-away coun­tries, pow­er, nat­ur­al gaz and water bills, even pay­ment of the rent have been sus­pend­ed until Sep­tem­ber , Octo­ber. Peo­ple are receiv­ing aids. “As for our own “State grandees” they’re con­tent with pour­ing cologne water on our stretched out hands, like toi­let atten­dants do, then they shove us off to Allah. All that’s miss­ing is for them to hold the can­dle, say­ing “in your prison-homes, fuck gen­er­ous­ly and have many chil­dren.” So? I’m sup­posed to raise my chil­dren on cologne water, and use it to feed my fam­i­ly and pay the bills? Maybe they’re giv­ing us this advice so that we’ll go nuts and com­mit sui­cide as soon as pos­si­ble. Who knows?

Stay at home. Stay at home.” Go to hell! What home, huh? Half of the pop­u­la­tion in this coun­try is made up of peo­ple who will have noth­ing to eat if they miss a sin­gle day at work. Most of the peo­ple in this coun­try are the poor who, if they skip rental pay­ments for two months, find them­selves out on the street. Are you going to pro­vide us with our food? Are you going to pay our rent, our bills? What home are you talk­ing about, when you tell us to stay in it? While we strug­gle against hunger, the State has even start­ed shut­ting off pow­er for those who can­not pay. In the mid­dle of the cold season.

If we stay at home, we’ll die of hunger before dying from coro­na, right, you despi­ca­ble ones?! At the same time, what’s the dif­fer­ence if we go out­side. All the doors are closed for the jobs we get. We sold sim­it, stuffed mus­sels, we shined shoes. We were wait­ers you forced into exile in the “West” by destroy­ing and burn­ing down our vil­lages. We were migrants per­form­ing the dirt­i­est of jobs you despise, all for a bite to eat. We were the staff in your shit­ty pri­vate sec­tor, our fate stuck between the two lips of our lumpen­boss­es. Lit­tle shop own­ers were the ones who were the best off among us. Most of us were poor peo­ple at the sight of which you frowned in nor­mal cir­cum­stances. Now that we don’t even have any work any­more, who will guar­an­tee our day! Of what home are you talk­ing about, god­damn you, of what home?

Nat­ur­al selec­tion.” Ha, it’s a selec­tion all right, but it isn’t the one nature is choos­ing. It’s the new world order, a sav­age one, cre­at­ed by those who have cho­sen to be avid and cru­el. All right, I accept doc­tors and health work­ers telling us to stay home. But not you, despi­ca­ble high­er ups… In the reportages you send out from your palaces, slumped on your fat ass­es, don’t tell us to “Stay at home”!

We don’t have a house!

Rabia Mine


rabia mine portraitRabia Mine

Writer and poet, activist in the defense of human rights. Author of the book of poems “Külden” (Ashes) published in Turkish in 2014.
She studied Law at Istanbul University and cinema-television at Mimar Sinan University. She has worked as production manager in cinema, editor and as an independent publisher.

Translation by Renée Lucie Bourges
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