Erdoğan head­ed to NATO in order to talk about elim­i­nat­ing ter­ror­ists in Eng­lish trans­la­tion. He could thus give direct evi­dence of his effi­cien­cy in the mat­ter, since a tal­ly reports the wound­ed and at least 11 dead, includ­ing 8 chil­dren, in the town of Tal Rifaat he ordered bombed by his artillery.

All ter­ror­ists, or future ter­ror­ists, or at the very least chil­dren of ter­ror­ists, since they were Kurds.

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Most of the vic­tims are dis­placed Kurds that had set­tled in Tal Rifaat since the inva­sion of Afrin in 2018 by Turk­ish armed forces and their beard­ed allies…What were they still doing there, on OUR lands, as those afflict­ed with Ottomani nos­tal­gia like to say here.

As things stand in Tal Rifaat, we do not know who of the regime’s army, of the Rus­sians, of Turkey or of the “free Syr­i­ans” will pro­ceed to the final killings against the Kur­dish refugees. There was an agree­ment with the Rus­sians, ask­ing our brave fight­ers not to bomb the town, but Erdo­gan prob­a­bly thought that arriv­ing at NATO with eight kid ter­ror­ists would give him some stand­ing, allow­ing him to gauge the hypocrisy of the gath­ered NATOnians.

And although no one declared undy­ing love for him, he did return with a word from Trump say­ing that “the pro­ject­ed secu­ri­ty zone” was well under­way. A few more clean-ups and the Syr­i­an refugees will be under good protection.

Killing kids? Big deal. It’s a spe­cial­ty in the region.

A spe­cial­ty of the Syr­i­an regime, since way back, against civil­ians and, occa­sion­al­ly, by using gas. It was also a spe­cial­ty of Turkey’s new friends, defec­tors from ISIS or one of its vari­ants. They demon­strat­ed their tal­ents against the Yazidi.

There is also a cer­tain senior­i­ty in the mat­ter as per­tains to dif­fer­ent regimes in Turkey. I won’t go back a full cen­tu­ry, with the Arme­ni­ans, that’s just too easy.

No, just in the past 25 years, while our lit­tle Mehmets were busy clean­ing up vil­lages in the East and the police invent­ed charg­ing the Kur­dish PKK with the mas­sacres of babies. All of this has been proven since, as some felt the need, before dying, to unbur­den their con­science of these crimes com­mit­ted in the name of Mustafa’s holy fatherland.

And in Robos­ki, there weren’t only don­keys either… And lit­tle Cey­lan, she was also a terrorist?

Over decades, the vio­lence has pen­e­trat­ed into Turk­ish soci­ety and from Mehmet the sol­dier on to Mehmet the beard­ed sol­dier, it has rot­ted con­sciences to the mar­row. To the point where peo­ple applaud the news of the killing of 8 chil­dren, because it is pre­sent­ed as anti-ter­ror­ist reprisals.

And the bunch of Kemal­ist jok­ers in Par­lia­ment don’t say a word either. At most, as for Robos­ki, one of them will talk of regret­table col­lat­er­al dam­age in the war against terrorism.

So that after var­i­ous skir­mish­es among the world lead­ers in Lon­don, all these fine peo­ple pub­lished a final press resease say­ing that the tar­get must that of all ter­rorisms. We don’t know what they told one anoth­er about the “inse­cu­ri­ty zone” for the refugees in Syria.

For the kids, do you stick on the label before or after their death?

Translation by Renée Lucie Bourges
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