HISTORICAL agree­ment!” our Reis is going over­board to pass off as a vic­to­ry what is noth­ing but the total mess he has added on the Syr­i­an border.

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Although he was noth­ing but the pawn of the twit­ter mani­ac and the con­quer­ing Russ­ian, he need­ed con­vinc­ing to get the inva­sion map he was show­ing a while back to agree with the one that will emerge fol­low­ing the con­sen­sus. Espe­cial­ly since, if I under­stand cor­rect­ly, Turkey’s beard­ed aux­il­iaries won’t be part of the patrols. We can trust them to tor­ture a few civil­ians any­way in the pre­vail­ing chaos…

So, final­ly, what are those HISTORICAL achievements?

They begin with a men­tion of “pre­serv­ing Syr­i­a’s polit­i­cal uni­ty and ter­ri­to­r­i­al integri­ty.” So those who were bawl­ing loud­ly “we are at home here” when speak­ing of North­ern Syr­ia while wear­ing Mustafa Kemal’s hard-bris­tled bon­net must be dis­ap­point­ed. In Putin’s eyes, the Turk­ish stamp on the zone is pure­ly tem­po­rary. And if Syr­i­a’s polit­i­cal uni­ty may mean that both the Kurds and the oppo­si­tion that let its beard grow will have to put down their weapons for the con­tin­u­a­tion of nego­ti­a­tions in Astana, the local killers hired by Erdo­gan will have to go back to Idlib. Unless the Reis pass­es them off as Syr­i­an refugees he intends to set up in camps with­in the zone.

For Rojava’s project, “polit­i­cal uni­ty” could mean a dra­mat­ic stop, just as Turkey’s inter­ven­tion put an end to peace for mil­lions of peo­ple. Erdo­gan, far from find­ing the “source of peace” has re-awak­ened the monsters.

Then there’s the ques­tion of breadths and widths where only Rojava’s fight­ers, bare­ly men­tioned by their name, must evac­u­ate, with or with­out weapons from spe­cif­ic local­i­ties to a depth of 32 kilo­me­ters with­in Syr­i­an ter­ri­to­ry. I can imag­ine the con­fronta­tions, should this this mean stop­ping right smack in the mid­dle of a district.

Turk­ish and Russ­ian patrols will be put in place, this time to a depth of 10 km. I sup­pose the emp­ty spots will be filled in by the regime’s army, since Rojava’s fight­ers must pull out. This will pre­serve the uni­ty of the gruyere. HISTORICAL, no?

If what they mean to say is that it was his­tor­i­cal, back in the days when I was­n’t even born, to draw with knives and rulers the fron­tiers of the States in that area, then it is indeed HISTORICAL. The caus­es for wars have been preserved.

In the short term, this means that human lives will be saved for a time. But that was not the Reis’ project since he want­ed an exchange of populations.

And there is also the mat­ter of the refugees. But what idiot will want to bring his lit­tle fam­i­ly into that area, leav­ing Turkey where he had migrat­ed? Unless, as was done in Afrin and as was done with the prop­er­ties of Arme­ni­ans after the geno­cide, incom­ing peo­ple are giv­en title to prop­er­ties where this is con­sid­ered advan­ta­geous. In that case, best of luck with the com­pe­ti­tion they will encounter from the few Turk­mens who refused to be part of Rojava’s polit­i­cal process and who wear revenge like a badge of honor.

At the moment, the Syr­i­an regime’s army is inca­pable of cov­er­ing any­thing far from its base in Dam­as­cus, not to men­tion the vari­eties of beard­ed ones on the loose and regain­ing strength. The Turk­ish army, so dear to our local fas­cists, can’t do the job in the long-term either, even if it is a mem­ber of NATO.

Plus, the chaos cre­at­ed by the exo­dus away from the zones of com­bat, from the bombs and from the gangs will require a min­i­mum of admin­is­tra­tion. And in order to admin­is­ter this chaos, who bet­ter than those who had pro­vid­ed peace, because they were the ones who pushed back ISIS, as needs to be recalled all the time.

Because, when you look at it close­ly, every­one pre­tends to for­get that the pop­u­la­tions that are suf­fer­ing, those that were pro­tect­ing them and that are now being dis­armed, are at home, on their land, and did not sim­ply appear there one day as did the coali­tion, the Rus­sians or the Turk­ish army.

Once again, bar­ring a total geno­cide, it will have to be acknowl­edged some day that, even when betrayed by every­one once again, Kurds exist.

I would like to add some­thing that is not part of the agree­ment. I don’t have the right? You are cor­rect. In this morass, what is right and law­ful is buried, just as the recent vic­tims are, and the ones to come. War crimes will be kept under cover.

The use against civil­ians of weapons euphemisti­cal­ly described as “uncon­ven­tion­al”, the use of mer­ce­nar­ies for assas­si­na­tions, tar­get­ed or not, sup­pos­ed­ly blind bomb­ings that hap­pened to hit “strate­gic” knots where the pop­u­la­tion was bur­rowed, well, “that’s war”, it’s dirty but that’s how it goes. You can’t raise “sources of peace” out of the ground with­out sop­ping up blood, yes?

For those liv­ing on these lands, for slight­ly con­scious humans the world over also, a fresh les­son in geostrate­gic betray­al has just been deliv­ered. This one will have his­tor­i­cal con­se­quences we can’t even begin to foresee…

Translation by Renée Lucie Bourges
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