In Turkey last May 27th, the so-called “media” Yeni Şafak published a video of the Reis with this headline: “The President of the Republic, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, broke his fast at the invitation of a family sitting in the prairie on the shores of Zeytinburnu”…

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Giving visibility to that progapanda rag  makes me want to puke, but it’s for a good cause. But it’s tough…

Of course, Turkish social networks went into a keyboard frenzy at the end of the table…

I found more than 2 000 twitter comments including, with a few minor exceptions, all the words on the tip of my tongue…

Look at this and your imagination will also take flight…Democratic Turkey is the one paying for the banquet.

“A family of men wearing suits and ties, breaking the fast at Zeytinburnu” journalist Jalal Haddad started off.

Other comments then landed in an avalanche:

“They haven’t finished setting the stage, they’re trying to hide the women and children in the corners.”

Humorously, Jalal added: “The conversations in the background are really screwy. Someone is asking “who’s the family?” They’re paid like donkeys but efficiency isn’t their business.”

“Oh, the poor aunt, they force her away but she settles in by herself.”
“Once the protocol is in place, there’s no room for the family who is inviting.”
“They bring the food on purpose. Even the bread is wrapped.”
“Oh, oh, my eyes are bleeding.”
“Grass and cakes. After eating, they will roll around in it too. All the pleasures of Ramadan in Turkey.”
“I get the feeling they ate the family first.”
“The family’s being dowloaded, but by bit.”
“The local in Zeytinbumu are very select people, they were their business suits even on a picnic.”
“Great family! I wonder if those advisors aren’t working to finish them off. Never saw such lousy PR work.”
“10 hours prior to the meal, security agents were at work selecting a family in the park.”
“A family of males in suits. In any event, in Zeytinburnu, we always break the fast out on the grass with the family, always in suit and tie, and we always leave the women at home.”
“Gay couple, married in Holland, gave birth to boys only. This is a family. Enough gossiping please.”
“They must have told themselves: since we’re eating the people’s share, let’s do it differently.”
“I have nothing to add to the comments above. All of it is lousy: the scenario, the actors, the scene, the walk-ons…”
“I really liked the indifference of the family in the background.”
“I feel really sorry for the people who believe in all this. In religion, there’s no need for a demonstration.”
“OK,OK, go on now, we believe you. Stop making us suffer and torturing us.”
“It would be a lot better if they broke the fast on Mars. Our Martians brothers would be happy.”
“Once again, the mikes stayed on. I didn’t enjoy this production.”
“To give this the air of a Bob Ross portrait, should they have added a few faces of happy children?”
“They’re so used to stuffing their faces, the family is out.”
“A leader so close to the people! Maybe the people will join him for a moment…”
“Ah, ahhh! If they didn’t exist, who would make us laugh in Turkey?”
“Let’s all go out on a family picnic too, wearing our business suits. My Pacha of a grandfather will wear his medals, start the barbecue and play cricket.”
“They’re wearing suits for comfort. Some are more comfortable in suits, some more uncomfortable in jogging pants. Zero realism.”
“Oh, you didn’t know this was a set for the filming of a series. In fact, our President had already played a role in a couple of small murders.”
“If the elections go on a bit longer, they’ll finish breaking the fast six feet under.”

All right, enough with the comments.

But that’s not all. I also offer you this video from June 1st, still in Turkey…Yes, there’s a popular event every day. Especially before an election where Istanbul is still in dispute.

This time, Bilal, the beloved prodigy of a son, is playing after breaking the fast, under the proud gazes of daddy and mommy. Even if the bodyguard behind handsome Bilal stays on the lookout, arms extended and benevolent hands ready to grab his boss should he fall on his ass. But the game ends without incident. For the sake of justice, the score is announced: “Even!” under the applause of the “people” and of the gratified parents.

To conclude, meet me after the video…


God is dead. The ways of the ballot box are unfathomable…

All right, I’ll end my festival of fast breaks here. My own fast is dictated by the prices, and the break in Turkey has been consummated for a long time already. Once they leave, we will eat the grass they left us.

Translation by Renée Lucie Bourges
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