Kedistan willingly relays this call for solidarity, a cry from a mother who is fighting to get her child back from Turkey. Borders and their laws separate thousands of beings, families, causing human tragedies. This time, a solution exists, but the procedure is suspended for economic impossibilities. We can pool our strengths and help this young mother to take her daughter in her arms. She still has a chance to unblock the situation, if we act with her until February.

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Here is her message….

Hello, everyone.

I’m Z. G … and I need your support.

I would like to share some of the turning points of my life with the purpose of solidaritywithout going too far into my personal story.

Every single page of life has been a battle. We sometimes have to give a war to get freedom in our lives. If you are a woman, you have to fight twice more. If you are a trans, a bisexual or a lesbian, you have to fight even more.

I had to fight a different battle for every point in my life. As a lesbian, I ha ve forced to marry a man and sent to France in 2008 against my will. I have been raped before coming to France. Once in France, I have been locked into a house for a year and suffered physical and psychological violences. Being kept prisoner, after a year, I was weighting 160 kilograms , under the pressure of a man, in a foreign country, whose I did not speak the language. I considered these years as the finishing point of my life.

I found a way to break free in 2013. Leaving the man who ruined my life, I fled back to Turkey.

In Istanbul, I had to face another struggle in my life. I got pregnant from having sex with a man I didn’t want.

I gave birth to a baby on 1 September 2015 in Turkey. I now have a 3-year-old girl. I have no health and social security in Turkey because I have to live in France and I’m separated from my daughter. I want to take my daughter with me in France. However, we are now stuck in the legal process for financial reasons.

The legal process must be concluded before bringing my child to France,. Blood tests need to be done for me, for the registered father (who is not the genetic father) and for her. The tests cost €99 per person, so it is €279 for three. There is also a fee of a state-appointed administrator, for an amount of €600, and a handling fee of €200.

This legal procedure, along with file handling costs, requires a budget of €1100.

I, as a physically disabled individual, receive a state social benefit of €713 per month in France. With this money, I have to look after my daughter in Turkey and also try to survive. On December 24, 2018, the case fell because I couldn’t pay for the trustee.

By paying the money, we can reopen the case until February 2nd. If I can’t collect this amount and reopen the case, my daughter won’t be able to come to France until she turns 18, and she is three years old now. My daughter and I will have to live in different countries separated by law.

If this amount is collected with your solidarity, I will be able to pay the administrator’s fees, provide the blood tests for the three people, and the trial will end in one year.

I would like to start the year 2020 with my daughter.

I hope you will stand with me to overcome this problem and help me collect these urgent and necessary.

I wish you a life with no borders, one where mothers meet their children.

Z. G

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