From behind the walls of his prison, here is the Twitter magazine Selahattin put on the boil. Don’t ask us to show you the kettle.

1- All of the Earth’s languages are beautiful and precious; it is very important to fully adopt our own, and further the progression of forbidden languages at risk of disappearing. Kurdish is one of those languages.

2- For this reason, I find the Kurdish Language Workshop in Diyarbakır precious and important. I am convinced everyone should take active measures so that the results flowing from this workshop be seriously followed and put into practice.

3- During the state of emergency, several media, television stations, radios, newspapers, magazines, websites, kindergartens, schools and institutes working with and in Kurdish were shut down. Never mind the fact that Kurdish could become a language in which to study, an official language and one used socially, repression is pitiless for the simple act of approaching it and of people protecting their mother tongue with their limited means.

4- The hurtful, unimaginable and crazy prohibitions on languages must be lifted. We are undergoing a period in which everyone should fully practice his or her maternal language.

5- The fact that the dominant languages encircle our daily lives through their means of communication, computers and technology means that, in Turkey, where the Kurdish language is discriminated against, it is losing ground. This fact must be reiterated publicly.

6- The dengbêj (Kurdish bards) have played a very important role in the protection and transmission of Kurdish. Our dear Ömer Günes and Ibrahim Sahin led to the meeting of two of the representatives of this historical tradition, Reşo and Şakiro (no, not Shakira!) in a magnificent work. Thanks to you both.

7- Despite all the prohibitions and hurdles, a music magazine by the name of Ziryab has started publication. I haven’t seen it yet, but it’s a fine initiative. Congratulations and my best wishes.

8- There is also Dilop, a magazine on art, culture and literature. I follow it and recommend it.

9- You don't need to be English to learn English, nor do you need to be a Turk to learn Turkish. You don't need to be Kurdish to learn the language either. For any language, all you need is to be human.

10- I don't recommend learning Kurdish only to Kurds who don't know their mother tongue. We live together and will continue to live together. So let's respect each other's language, and learn it.This won't keep us from being together, on the contrary, it will make us more beautiful and stronger.

11- Let's have a brief musical break. A magnificent performance.


12- Meanwhile, I remind you of the books written by my buddies, who keep on writing and creating in jail. If you haven't read them yet…

13-  You can send me information on initiatives that you find important, such as conferences, round tables, so that I can relay. But, we do not relay weddings, and circumcision celebrations 🙂

13- Vous pouvez me transmettre les informations sur les initiatives que vous trouvez importantes, comme des conférences, tables rondes, pour que je puisse relayer. Mais, nous ne relayons pas les mariages, fiançailles, et fêtes de circoncision 🙂 

14- This week our main topic was maternal languages.Let's close off today by listening to a dengbêj. I await your suggestions for next week. Happy Mawlid.
From the cold walls of the prison, we send you our warmest greetings…

Addition: We have just learned that "For the European Human Rights Tribunal, the jailing of the Kurdish leader and Presidential candidate "stifles pluralism".  It has "ordered" to free him. What means does the Court have to exert pressure in this direction? This excellent news raises many questions since the recent summits of the foursomes. A story to be continued.

A petition has been launched in response to the Turkish President's refusal to conform to the Court's decision, as he should by virtue of the international commitments to which he is a signatory.

Turquie • Un lundi avec Selahattin sur Twitter... Cliquez pour lire

Translation by Renée Lucie Bourges
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