We are publishing here one information among all those regularly sent by the humanitarian authorities on the Northern Syria Federation to chancelleries, media, and international associations concerning Afrin.

These regular reports are thus in the hands of responsible authorities and governments for their appraisal.

Of course, we could use them to up the ante in a war of images.

For decades now, we have seen how globalized and instantaneous communication, including on social networks, neutralize denunciations through overexposure, one horror often replacing another. When reality finds itself branded as propaganda, and legitimate combatants are relabeled “terrorists” through the strength of the media system, the image as weapon becomes blunted as a way to reveal the truth.

But no one can claim anymore “I did not know”, political figures,  heads of state or a journalists even less than others…

This is why we are publishing this document, as others have already done, so that an archival trace will remain on this website at least,  when the time comes to take the full measure of the ignominy of the heavy political silence used as an alibi by those who preach “acting with restraint”.

You may view the pdf above or download HERE.

Afrin North Syria heyva sor repport fevrier 2018

Featured image: Unicef

Afrin • Tout le monde sait… Cliquez pour lire

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