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The Turkish state is bombing and threatening to destroy Afrin.
This attack kills dozens of civilians, mostly women and children.

Afrin has been a relatively safe area in the region for a long time, and has hosted hundreds of thousands of Arab refugees, particularly from Aleppo.

The people of Rojava are building a new society, in which the different ethnic groups living there organize themselves with their identities in a democratic, feminist and ecological system.

This aggression has a destructive purpose which also threatens the revolution of the women in Rojava, who no longer submit to a patriarchal regime and have the courage to build a society of freedom for themselves and therefore for all.

This is unbearable to Erdogan, who fears contamination in the Middle East and beyond, Rojava is an example of women’s liberation chich undermines the idea of States at the service of nationalism, capitalism and religious extremism, all based on the domination of women.

We demand an immediate halt to the bombing and invasion of Afrin, which doesn’t respect international law.
For this reason we demand a firm position of the UN, the EU and the governments of the countries involved in the coalition: Russia, France, USA, United Kingdom. They must put pressure on Turkey to stop this aggression and make Erdogan withdraw his troops from Syria.

We call on you to spread this call and to raise awareness on the construction of this society which says “Yes, it is possible to live as human beings freely, equally, respectfully of nature, and in order to do so, feminism is an essential means”.

Send your signatures to the following address:

First to have signed:
FRANCE | Laurence Cohen, Senator of the Val de Marne and National Manager of the PCF “Women Rights and Feminism” | Femmes Solidaires, International representation of the Kurdish Women’s Movement | Corinne Morel-DARLEUX, National Secretary for Ecosocialism of the Left Party-Regional Councillor Auvergne Rhône Alpes | Danielle SIMONNET, Coordinator of the Left Party – Paris Councillor | Raphaelle PRIME, Councillor of Paris-Communist – Left Front Group | Edith BOULANGER, Academic in Chemistry, member of the peace movement | Fatiha AGGOUN, Departmental Councillor of Val de Marne | Josette Rome CHASTANET, Feminist, Biologist | Valérie TECHER, Deputy Mayor Champigny S/M
Fabienne LEFEBVRE, Member of the PCF Executive Council of the Val de Marne and elected in Vitry | Chrysis CAPORAL, elected by the EELV in Champigny Sur Marne | Groupe anarchiste Solidaire | Collectif des Amazighs en France | Feminist Initiative for a Democratic Confederalism “IFCD” | Claire Lacire, Guichen Peace Movement | Jacqueline Yvroux, Retired Teacher | Dominique Benoit Frot, Feminist Documentary Librarian | Gérard Chastenet, Rail worker…
ITALIE  | Pirotta, Feminist activist FEF Italy | Anita Guiriato, Cultural Assistant Municipality of Carnate Italy | Nicoletta Gini, History Researcher FEF Italy…
CATALOGNE | Plataforma Azadî | Alicia Murillo Ruiz, actress, teacher and feminist activist…

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