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A few week ago, I men­tioned the numer­ous and excel­lent artists liv­ing in France and invis­i­ble in the dom­i­nant media “Marre d’être invis­i­bles” (Tired of being invis­i­ble), because of their non-con­for­mi­ty to the “offi­cial” esthet­ics. I would now like to share with you the sound of artists from the area in which I move “in nor­mal times”, out­side France, between the Mediter­ranean and North­ern India.

I’ve vol­un­tar­i­ly cho­sen young inter­preters or com­posers. Ful­ly involved in their cre­ative life, they are mod­ern and inven­tive, and ful­ly take on respon­si­bil­i­ty for their ori­gins and their times, and this is good. I men­tion them in order to hon­or them, thank them, share their art with you, and remind our media they can turn toward the East and the South with­out fear. There are oceans of beau­ty where, only too often, they see at best a source of exot­ic fan­ta­sy or, at worst, mis­ery and vio­lence. Yes, there are oceans of sub­tle beau­ty each of us can love and dive into, the world is rich.

Here then are a few offer­ings on a too-short list, rad­i­cal­ly sub­jec­tive and not in the least exhaus­tive. It is not a hit parade, sim­ply the echo of a musi­cal and geo­graph­ic inti­ma­cy, at a giv­en moment…

Thus I will not list the many life and cre­ation com­pan­ions you are used to see­ing on stage with me, liv­ing in India, Turkey, Pak­istan or Moroc­co because I would have to men­tion all of them (I adore them) and that would cov­er the entire list, there are so many of them. May they for­give me. The ones intro­duced here are sim­ply part of my life as a hap­py listener.


The moment you acknowledge what is beautiful  in this world

you cease being a slave to this world”

inspired by Mirza Ghalib

As an illus­tra­tion, here is a video of an occa­sion­al duo, from the film “The female voice of Iran” by Yal­da Yalzani with the two singers:

Mina Deris (song in the south­west­ern Ara­bic of Iran) and Mal­i­heh mora­di (clas­si­cal Per­sian singing) (the music begins at 1:02)

fleur titi robinAt the end of this list you will find a playlist
with all the titles for non­stop listening…

Sadaf Amini
Sentur player from Tehran and lives in Canada. Classical Persian music.
Santur Solo Live Stream Concert
Muhlis Berberoğlu
Player of bağlama (saz) from Sivas, lives in Istanbul, Turkey. Anatolian music.
Instagram :@mhlsber
- Ahirim Sensin
- Yare Söyleme
- Bu rüya benim
Maryam Saleh
Egyptian singer and committed artist (Cairo- Egypt).
- Loustic Sessions
- Titre 2
- Titre 3
Israel Fernández
Flamenco singer (Spain)
Instagram : @israelfernandezcantaor
- El Anhelo
- Bulerias
- Carmen 
Sahar Mohammadi
Iranian singer from Teheran (Iran). Classical Persian music.
- شور هستی, جان عاشق
- Dard e Doori
Hind Ennaira
Singer and guembri player from Essaouira (Morocco). Gnaoua music.
Instagram @hind_ennaira
- Sessions inédites
- Hit the road music sessions
- Festival Izourane Gnaoua Agadir
Kaushiki Chakraborty
Classical music singer from Calcutta (India). Hindustani music.
- Titre 1
- Dadra
El Perla
Flamenco guitarist from Seville (Spain).
- Soleá
Nooran Sisters (Jyoti & Sultana)
Sufi music singers from Jalandhar (India).
Instagram : @nooran_sistersofficial
- Allha Hu Da Awaza Full Song
- Lagi Re Sai Lagan Tere Naam Ki
Esmeralda Rancapino
Flamenco singer from Cadiz (Spain).
Instagram : @esmeralda_rancapino
- Au Théâtre Flamenco de Madrid
- De los buenos manantiales
- Soleá
Negar Kharkan
Kamancheh player, from Tehran (Iran). Classical Persian music.
- Kamancheh solo
- هاله سیفی‌زاده
Ali Şahin
Chanteur et joueur de saz de bozlak anatolien (Turquie). Singer and Anatolian bozlak saz player (Turkey).
Instagram @ali.sahinresmi
- Aydost & Bilmem Böyle Neden Soldun
Gelmemiş Dünyaya Sen Gibi Nazik
- Açıl gel ömrümün varı
Ragini & Nandini Shankar sisters. Violinists from Mumbai (India). Classical music from North India (Hindustani).  Instagram : @ragini.shankar
- Hindustani Classical
- Vande Maataram
- Sakhi
Asmâa Hamzaoui
Singer and guembri player from Casablanca (Morocco)/ Gnaoua music.
Instagram : @asmaa_hamzaoui
- Foulani, Moussaoui
- Nowa Tradycja 2019
Rajna Swaminathan
Mridangam percussionist. Classical music from South India (Carnatic).
- Live at The Walden School
- Mridangam Solo
Hajar Labhioui
Aïta singer (Morocco).
Instagram  : @hajar.labhioui
- الشعبي المغربي
- Kharboucha
Debopriya Chatterjee
Bansuri flutist from Allahabad-Mumbai (India).  Classical music from North India (Hindustani).
Instagram : @debopriya_flute
- The Sangeet Sammelan
- Morning Raag Jait


Translation by Renée Lucie Bourges
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