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The Kurdistan Red Crescent’s representative in Switzerland, Heyva Sor, informs us of the current difficulties generated by the Covid-19 pandemic for its aid activities and initiatives. With the pandemic, local conditions have become even more difficult, necessary interventions more widespread and aids from Europe have diminished.

Kedistan is more than willing to serve as a relay for their increasingly urgent appeals. And we will continue informing you on their upcoming events as well as on the use made of your donations.

Solidarity is not only a matter of denouncing, no matter how strongly, it is also a question of responding to needs in concrete terms.

The Swiss Kurdistan Red Crescent – Heyva Sor is a politically and religiously neutral organization basing its action on the Geneva Conventions as well as on  the fundamental principles of the Red-Cross movement, such as: humanitarianism, impartiality, neutrality, independence, volunteer work and universality.   
The organization defines its action as follows : “We supply our aid in various regions of the Middle East and more particularly in Kurdistan, according to demonstrated needs. We assist victims of war, poverty, natural disasters or of any other situation requiring on-the-spot or long-term humanitarian aid. We focus on the most vulnerable people and groups subjected to these sufferings: children, orphans, families, single-parent families, the sick, the wounded, those unable to work, the isolated elderly.”  
Ongoing projects in three Kurdistan regions:  
In Bakur / Southeastern Turkey:
• An educational and medical support project for children
• A sponsorship project for families devoid of basic necessities
• A shelter construction project for families who have lost their homes
In Başûr / Northern Irak:
• A treatment center project for children with psychiatric issues
In Rojava / Northern Syria:
• A project for a medical center providing artificial limbs
The Swiss Kurdistan Red Crescent and affiliated organizations on location function almost totally on a volunteer basis thus allowing for extremely low administration costs (6%). In 2018, this organizational system allowed for 94% of the donations to reach the targeted regions.

The peoples of Rojava need your support.
Together we must attempt the avoidance of a humanitarian disaster.  

For more information, you can visit in its German, French and Kurdish versions and follow it on  Facebook and Twitter.
You may also serve as a relay to their appeals on your social media, increasing their visibility is also a means of support…  

In immediate terms,
two appeals await your aid with the greatest of urgency.  


Appeal for family sponsorships

Let’s act against the propagation of the coronavirus!  
Let’s help families in emergency situations  

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the whole world is in a sanitary emergency. In   Kurdistan, hundreds of families and individuals are concerned.  The situation of detainees in Turkish prisons is particularly difficult. That in the occupied territories of Afrin, Serekaniye, Gire Spi is even worse: hundreds of thousands of displaced persons benefit from no protection whatsoever against the virus. Iranian Kurdistan will soon be reached by the pandemic, along with Shengal and the refugee camp of Makhmour.

The Swiss Kurdistan Red Crescent has missioned itself with aiding these people. Let’s act in solidarity during this crisis and save the lives of people in emergency situations!

We are launching a campaign to aid our brothers and sisters in Kurdistan. Here are the conditions for participation:

110 CHF (Swiss Francs) per months will be provided to each family in a precarious situation. The action will last 3 months.
Persons wishing to help the families will find all necessary information with the Swiss Kurdistan Red Crescent.

Members of the Kurdish diaspora may aid the families directly or through the Swiss Kurdistan Red Crescent.

Let’s carry out our human duty of solidarity for those in greatest need!  

Banque Cantonale Vaudoise
IBAN: CH6200767000L54334165

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In Rojava (Northeastern Syria) the daily existence of millions of Kurdish, Arab, Assyrian, Christian and Yazidi civilians has been ravaged for over eight years by death, destruction, exile and illness.

The risk of propagation of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) throughout the region is troubling, particularly in the refugee camps. Life in the camps, with its heavy concentration of population and precarious hygienic facilities is conducive to the development of epidemics. Instability caused by the recent Turkish invasion has also aggravated the humanitarian situation and the contested political status of the region renders importation of medical supplies difficult.

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With limited funds, our on-site partner, the Kurdish Red Crescent (Heyva Sor a Kurd), has implemented preventive measures: disinfection of public places, information campaign aimed at the population, restricted movements and assemblies (curfew, closing of schools and universities, etc). However, these will not be sufficient. The Kurdish Red Crescent is in urgent need of medical aid from the international community.

Local medical infrastructures are lacking medical material, masks in particular, and N95 masks more than others, gloves, protective clothing, helmets and specialized shoes, as well as screening devices. They are short of qualified staff, particularly nurses as well as spaces in which to isolate contagious patients. They lack lab equipment to analyze the virus, as well as sterilization equipment. They are also short of qualified ambulatory units in the region’s villages and hamlets. There is a lack of respirators as well as oxygen generators.

Due to these lacks, it is currently very difficult to diagnose cases of   COVID-19.

Banque Cantonale Vaudoise
IBAN: CH6200767000L54334165

Headline Photo: Refik Tekin, Cizre 2016

Translation by Renée Lucie Bourges 
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