You must have noticed that Kedistan has taken on a new look. There are still a few adjustments to make and everything will be operational for another year.

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Some of our readers still see the mention “unsecured site” when they log on. This is normal. The site is not “secured” as Google understands the term in its attempt at imposing its own norm. Kedistan is not a bank but we protect your data, instead of making money out of them as Google does. We have kept to a minimum the collection of data when connecting to Kedistan and, most of all, we do not share the email addresses you may provide when subscribing or in other contacts. Still no ads or paid articles. Subscription to the “weekly letter” is still free also.

Volunteer work is always the rule for the team. It is even a principle. The website is also open to collaborations, in this same spirit.

Without confusing our readers, we have attempted to make the front page as pleasant, accessible and functional as possible. There will be other improvements. The loading of the site should be faster, and reading off a mobile or tablet should be easier. We know that more than 60% of you read us that way.

As new articles emerge they will also be airier, and easier on the eye.

As for content, please don’t be dismayed if we publish less musical information, cat news or humor. It would do us all a world of good, but have you seen the condition the world is in?

The agenda will not longer appear. Arbitrary publishing choices led to resentments. The Facebook page now handles this aspect.

The site is enriched by translations through new contacts, meaning that French-speaking readers now make up less than 50% of the readership.

The geekier ones among you are invited to subscribe to the website, the Facebook page and Twitter also. And, most of all, to become our best disseminators by sharing articles that speak to you on your own platforms. All the required tools are available with three clicks. Three clicks that will be the best help you could provide.

Of course, over the past 5 years, we have not only collected friends… A few bad encounters are already forgotten…

Kedistan does not practice “journalistic objectivity”, as you may have noticed. We don’t specialize in grooming articles and we are committed to the sudden and long-term friendships that lead us to commitments in solidarity campaigns. The A will also remain. We will keep on this way.

Do not hesitate in providing your impressions on Kedistan‘s new look.

And do not hesitate either in providing a helpful hand on occasion, we will always make good use of your aid.

Translation by Renée Lucie Bourges
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