A sub­scrip­tion for Kedis­tan. When no lat­er than at the begin­ning of this month, we announced the web­site would pub­lish less break­ing-news arti­cles, but would also open out on trans-nation­al top­ics out­side the Mid­dle-East, (a breather)… How does this make sense?

If the kedi have the nerve to launch a new sub­scrip­tion dri­ve while announc­ing longer sies­tas, this does appear like a con­tra­dic­tion, does­n’t it?

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Well, a few reminders then:

Pub­lish­ing less often or in oth­er modes does not mean we won’t con­tin­ue host­ing some 3 000 freely acces­si­ble, ad-free arti­cles on a secure plat­form. There­fore, the cost stays the same.

Along with this, the authors con­tin­ue pro­vid­ing their input free of charge, thus help­ing to keep the costs down, with no need to rely on advertising.

By keep­ing close tabs on the kit­ty kib­ble, we should be able to hold the bud­get at the pro­ject­ed month­ly  expen­di­ture of 300 euro. Can any­one out there match this?

So we’re look­ing for some 4 000 euros to cov­er the upcom­ing twelve months and are call­ing on our read­ers to con­tribute to Kedis­tan’s  life span  to the best of their ability.

Some of you have been doing this on a reg­u­lar basis  already. Once again, our warmest thanks.

So, it’s up to you if you  think the Kedis­tan adven­ture is worth pursuing.


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Oh, one more word…

There is a mem­ber­ship link on the web­site. Mem­ber­ship is total­ly free and means you will receive our week­ly newslet­ter. This car­ries some costs for us also to insure ‘spam free’ dis­patch­ing. Kedis­tan does not share any of your per­son­al infor­ma­tion. So, join the group! One email per week…. And even if Face­book ostra­cizes us and if social net­works often give us hives, sign up to our accounts and share them too, thanks.

Of course, you are free to imag­ine instead that, like Puss N Boots at the end of the tale, the kedi have retired to pala­tial homes, and  “for­got­ten” to declare their feline residences…

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Translation by Renée Lucie Bourges
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Le petit mag­a­zine qui ne se laisse pas caress­er dans le sens du poil.