A subscription for Kedistan. When no later than at the beginning of this month, we announced the website would publish less breaking-news articles, but would also open out on trans-national topics outside the Middle-East, (a breather)… How does this make sense?

If the kedi have the nerve to launch a new subscription drive while announcing longer siestas, this does appear like a contradiction, doesn’t it?

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Well, a few reminders then:

Publishing less often or in other modes does not mean we won’t continue hosting some 3 000 freely accessible, ad-free articles on a secure platform. Therefore, the cost stays the same.

Along with this, the authors continue providing their input free of charge, thus helping to keep the costs down, with no need to rely on advertising.

By keeping close tabs on the kitty kibble, we should be able to hold the budget at the projected monthly  expenditure of 300 euro. Can anyone out there match this?

So we’re looking for some 4 000 euros to cover the upcoming twelve months and are calling on our readers to contribute to Kedistan‘s  life span  to the best of their ability.

Some of you have been doing this on a regular basis  already. Once again, our warmest thanks.

So, it’s up to you if you  think the Kedistan adventure is worth pursuing.


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Oh, one more word…

There is a membership link on the website. Membership is totally free and means you will receive our weekly newsletter. This carries some costs for us also to insure ‘spam free’ dispatching. Kedistan does not share any of your personal information. So, join the group! One email per week…. And even if Facebook ostracizes us and if social networks often give us hives, sign up to our accounts and share them too, thanks.

Of course, you are free to imagine instead that, like Puss N Boots at the end of the tale, the kedi have retired to palatial homes, and  “forgotten” to declare their feline residences…

I’m joining the group

Translation by Renée Lucie Bourges
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