The exhi­bi­tion of Zehra Doğan’s works, sched­uled for March 20 to April 15 at la Mai­son des Métal­los in Paris, and announced in its Jan­u­ary pre-pro­gram as a pho­to­graph­ic exhi­bi­tion, will not be tak­ing place.

We won’t attempt to delve deep­er into what led to its def­i­nite can­cel­la­tion, oth­er than the ridicu­lous excus­es put for­ward as moti­vat­ing it. And we will nev­er have the offi­cial rea­son for the so-called ter­mi­na­tion of an agree­ment that was still await­ing signature…

Out­side pres­sure, exert­ed over a sen­si­tive top­ic, or not? We will nev­er know. We will sim­ply note that admis­tra­tors of a cul­tur­al struc­ture stum­bled over dif­fi­cul­ties in set­ting up a project that prob­a­bly struck them as too polit­i­cal at some point. We agree they are account­able on some items, and so is Kedis­tan, par­tic­u­lar­ly and notably to the resis­tance net­work sup­port­ing Zehra’s struggle.

The Turk­ish embassy in Paris has rea­sons for rejoic­ing and can pass the word on to its chief. Oth­er nasty tongues will also rejoice, no doubt. We won’t.

Let’s turn the page. Oth­er dates, oth­er ini­tia­tives are under­way, in oth­er places, oth­er links are in the works… The next exhi­bi­tion in March is in Vien­na, Aus­tria, and the book Les yeux grands ouverts” is always available.

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