A promise made is a promise kept. There will be a 2nd Rojava Film Festival. And we insist on announcing its content even though Rojava is not an easy region to reach these days, what with the wars and other threats surrounding it.


Announcement for 2. Festival du film Rojava

Rojava Film Commune was established with the aim to stimulate the local film culture by organizing film screenings, facilitating discussions about the role of film within society, producing new films, and establishing the Film Academy.

Rojava film festival will be this year on 13 November, 2017, synchronizing with the anniversary of burning Amude cinema, which caused the deaths of 298 children trapped inside the cinema, the festival aims to reclaim cinema and film as a central space of reimagining society, democratizing and revolutionizing imagination itself. We open 2. Rojava film festivals with all the free filmmaker’s lovers who can be with us this year and can join our festival.

2. Rojava film festival aims to create a space for exchanging thoughts and movies, try to establish and recreate cinema culture in ROJAVA, and help all young filmmakers, as well as exchanging cinema and art knowledge among each other and also screening movies is one of our most important aims.

2. Rojava film festival makers, Rojava fılm commune, Democratic culture, Arts movement, cooperation with Art and culture ministry in Rojava

Sections of the festival

For competition

  • Short films
  • Documentaries

Non for compitition feature fılms

2. Rojava film festival terms

  • Movies should be produced in 2015-2016-2017
  • Movies which has been sent to us cant be back even if it is not selected for the festival
  • All fılmmakers should send (CVs- Synopsis – Trailers) with the movie
  • We receive movies just online, due to the banned of Rojava
  • All movies which has been screened in other festivals can be in our festival
  • All movies in 1.Rojava film festival can’t be in the festival for the second time
  • We don’t accept movies has been screened on TV
  • Short fılmes shouldn’t be more than 30m
  • Short movie fılmmaker can’t send more than one short movie
  • Documentary filmmaker can’t send more than one documentary

Festival Jury

  • Members from Komina fil a Rojava for selecting movies
  • The Festival jury consist of filmmakers, film critics, and cinema teachers

Time and place

The opening of 2. Rojava film festival will be on 13 November 2017 in Qamishlo city, after five days of movies the festival closing will be at 17 November 2017 in Qamishlo city too.

How to submit?

You can send movies to the festival website, we open the door for submission on 17 September 2017, and the deadline of submission is on 15 October 2017 midnight.


  • Movies will be screened in Qamishlo, Amude, Derik, Hasakeh Kobane and Serekaniye in order of the festival program.
  • There will be workshops seminars during the festival
  • We may use parts of the movies’ trailers to make videos about the festival for the media

2. Rojava Film Festival Jury

Adress for submission and all your questions : 
TEL / Telegram / Whatsapp: 00963992823498 – 00963996612578

Kurdî: 2. Mihrîcana fïlm a Rojava • 13.11.2017
Français : 2. Festival de Film de Rojava • 13 Novembre 2017

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