Wasn’t it one of your roy­al first ladies who said “if they have no bread, let them eat brioche”?

Appar­ent­ly, this is top of the news in Turkey. Your min­is­ter of strange – I mean, for­eign – affairs should be com­ing over short­ly to do busi­ness with our gov­ern­ment. Will French brioche soon replace the sim­it?

Yes, I men­tion this because I must look out for eyes and ears from now on, if I don’t want to become the most senior pris­on­er in Silivri. So, let’s talk baguette, brioche, choco­latines… and soci­ety gossip.


What a strange affair par excel­lence than those more than fifty days of impris­on­ment for the young jour­nal­ist some of your papers recent­ly described as a “begin­ner”. Poor boy. For a begin­ner, he’s begin­ning with some­thing that some expe­ri­enced ones have nev­er known, so well ensconced are they in their com­fy news­room seats. And since he seems to like col­or, and the wolves we appre­ci­ate over here tend to grey, he’s in a bad way.

If I under­stand cor­rect­ly, all of France will be sus­pend­ed to the ink in the minister’s pen used for sign­ing contracts…Do you hap­pen to know what your for­mer Bre­ton Gen­er­al is offer­ing Turkey exactly?

Usu­al­ly, the pre­vi­ous French Pres­i­dent or his min­is­ters always had war­planes up their sleeves… But maybe Erdoğan is the one with things to sell? When he mar­ried off his youngest daugh­ter, he intro­duced a “weapons spe­cial­ist” in the fam­i­ly cir­cle. And I believe I’ve heard that France wants to weaponize his drones…Hm, I’m a sharp tongued one, but it seems to me I read this in your Paris Match, and else­where too.

So, “will exchange a brand new mod­ern bureau, bare­ly used, for mil­i­tary exper­tise at rea­son­able cost”, that should make a nice ad.

And just imag­ine for a moment, that they’ve both been wait­ing for this promis­ing meet­ing to pull the chest­nuts from the fire…One lands a con­tract for his son-in-law, and the oth­er one appears in France as the Bre­ton Gen­er­al who had a “jour­nal­ist” lib­er­at­ed and pulled up the falling rat­ings of the young res­i­dent in the French Elysée…

But as I’ve said, I stay clear of politics.

My gos­sip­ing is some­times cyn­i­cal for a woman my age, I’m told. Some call it “demor­al­iz­ing”.

How­ev­er, I wouldn’t want to leave the impres­sion that I make fun of what jour­nal­ist Loup Bureau (play on words Loup = wolf in French) endures in our iso­la­tion cells for “ter­ror­ists”. First of all, because he’s far from being the only one suf­fer­ing that fate, far from the only one wast­ing weeks, and for some years of their life, sim­ply because they still have a conscience…

Per­haps if his cage were to open, oth­er birds might also escape? And, once free, per­haps he would car­ry the voic­es of those he would be leav­ing behind? Judg­ing by a few of his pre­de­ces­sors who, when they don’t keep silent, speak of no one but them­selves, I always won­der a bit on that score… But the young man has guts from what I’ve seen, and they’ll have a hard time buy­ing him off…

Here I am play­ing the chat­ter­box and mean­while, oth­ers are being caught and sent up for trial…

Soon, when look­ing for an excuse to hang up the phone, we won’t say “I have dol­mas on the stove”, but I have a con­tract on the bureau…

In French : “Etrange affaire française : le loup, le sim­it et le général” Cliquez pour lire
Trans­la­tion by Renée Lucie Bourges

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