It’s been a year now we launched a fundraiser to insure Kedistan’s survival and growth. You still haven’t had the unpleasant experience of bumping up against the mention « to read the rest of this article… » or a drop-down box saying : « Please disactivate your ad block ».

Against all « good advice » we have maintained our policy of totally free access to information, with no ads and no paid content. Our entire team works on a volunteer basis – or on a militant one, to be more precise.

So, thanks again to our regular or occasional donors. They are not numerous but they allow some 100 000 monthly visitors to obtain continuous information on Turkey and the Middle East through the kedi’s eye.

If you visit the website, it’s because you find answers – or questions – here. If some 800 000 pages are read, it means we’re not simply a drop-by spot for web surfers.

Will this have to stop or change, half-way down the road ?

Of the 5800 euros collected, 4200 are already committed, 1200 set aside for payments and the month of October is covered.

Slightly more than a month’s advance means we have a fragile base of operation. Kedistan isn’t attempting to compete with anyone, and will not make concessions to please or adapt, or dig up a slush fund…

Don’t expect any « Paris Match », or political alignment or buzzwords with public appeal . True, in exchange, we’re not to everyone’s liking. The kedi isn’t a domestic animal.

This is why this appeal is not directed toward those who have supported us unconditionally until now, but to all the readers who choose our pages over those of mainstream media, without necessarily realizing that even though we are a team of activists, a website such as Kedistan must bear unavoidable costs that deserve an euro here and there out of the coffee money.

The collection site is perfectly secure, on top of your own bank’s security protocol. We do not sell any of our data nor do we use them elsewhere. There are no « costs » on Hello Asso, and you are free to leave a tip or not… So throw in the euro, even as a symbol, because spread over the number of our readers, this will secure Kedistan’s future.

Along with others, the magazine has committed itself to a solidarity campaign for at least a year to help families, activists, jorunalists, and Kurdish prisoners through the figure of our friend, jailed artist and journalist Zehra Doğan. With others, we hope that Kedistan will play a central role in this campaign. There also, money will be a decisive element.

The kedi aren’t beggars, they offer you the opportunity of answering the question « but what can I, a lone person, possibly do at my level ? »

The answer is : read, stay informed, and act to safeguard an independent and alternative tool dedicated to that purpose by Subscribing to Kedistan.

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Translation by Renée Lucie Bourges

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