Three lead­ers of the union for the pri­vate secu­ri­ty sec­tor, “Güven­lik-Sen”, tied to DISK (the Con­fed­er­a­tion of Pro­gres­sive Trade Unions of Turkey) denounced three union mem­bers to the Republic’s Pros­e­cu­tor for « insult­ing the Pres­i­dent » when they expressed oppo­si­tion against their leadership.

The Pres­i­dent of the Güven­lik-Sen union, Ser­dar Aslan, along with the Pres­i­dent of the bureau of finan­cial affairs, Doğan Özdemir and Gen­er­al Sec­re­tary Hüseyin Ünlü, used the expres­sion « insult­ing the Pres­i­dent » as their lifebelt in order to silence union mem­bers opposed to the regime and denounced these work­ers to the State.

The com­plaint, filed with the Pros­e­cu­tor in Izmir, specif­i­cal­ly des­ig­nates four work­ers : Sal­ih Şenol, Kadir Bül­bül, Garip Karatay, Volkan Karataş, along with a web­site,, its admin­is­tra­tors and uniden­ti­fied per­sons in charge.

The offi­cial doc­u­ments of the com­plaint are pub­lished on the Umut-Sen web­site, a col­lec­tive of union­ized workers.

From these doc­u­ments we learn that upon denun­ci­a­tion by Güvenlik-Sen’s admin­is­tra­tors, the police infil­trat­ed one of its mem­bers into a Face­book group called “I.B.B. Secu­ri­ty Work­ers », con­fig­ured as a a con­fi­den­tial « secret » group, closed to the pub­lic and thus vis­i­ble only by the group’s 722 reg­is­tered mem­bers, among them the « sus­pect », Sal­ih Şenol. The doc­u­ment spec­i­fies that, after exam­i­na­tion, the pub­li­ca­tions attrib­uted to Sal­ih Şenol were not found. Umut-Sen describes and denounces the administration’s atti­tude as « a new link in the his­to­ry of col­lab­o­ra­tionist unions ».

There is noth­ing sur­pris­ing in this. The social media are under close sur­veil­lance. In the sec­ond semes­ter of 2016 only, 68 774 social media accounts were denounced. In Jan­u­ary 2017, we pub­lished an arti­cle titled “Réseaux soci­aux, l’oiseau en cage, le F accusa­teur…” (Social media, the caged bird, the accus­ing F…) in which we pro­vid­ed chill­ing num­bers : approx­i­mate­ly 3500 peo­ple have been detained, and 1500 of them thrown in jail. Inquiries have been launched against 17 862 inter­net users. Once the inquiries ter­mi­nat­ed, the « inter­nauts » await arrest. Among the files still open, out of 68 774 per­sons, 21 723 are clear­ly iden­ti­fied, 47 024 still under verification.

If any­one can be tar­get­ed for some 140 car­ac­ters, the denounced union mem­bers Güven­lik-Sen aren’t tar­get­ed for noth­ing. For they aren’t just any­body… They had recent­ly uncov­ered the embez­zle­ment by the cur­rent union lead­ers of the dues paid by union mem­bers, and pro­vid­ed proof of this at the union’s Sec­ond reg­u­lar Con­gress in April 2017. They had sub­mit­ted a can­di­date to rep­re­sent all the union coun­cils opposed to the cur­rent lead­ers and demand­ing prop­er accounting.

One of the “sus­pects” Garip Karatay says :

DISK Gen­er­al Pres­i­dent, Kani Beko, and oth­er high-rank­ing offi­cials at the nation­al lev­el, as well as the offi­cial for the Aegean Region, have cov­ered over the cor­rup­tion of these three indi­vid­u­als who denounced us to the Pros­e­cu­tor. Dur­ing the entire Con­gress, which last­ed forty days, they par­tic­i­pat­ed in all the meet­ings and worked so that the clique of denun­ci­a­tors would come be cleared in all the dis­cus­sions. And in instances where their « name and respectabil­i­ty » were not suf­fi­cient, they enrolled may­ors and lead­ers into their cir­cuit, in order to con­vince the largest pos­si­ble num­ber of work­ers to agree with them.

Those at the head of DISK did every­thing in their pow­er, notably by block­ing access to the meet­ing halls of oppos­ing del­e­gates, by slow­ly culling out all the demo­c­ra­t­ic aspects in the union’s Statutes, and work­ing so that the clique of thieves and denun­ci­a­tors come out winners.

If one of the work­ers is arrest­ed fol­low­ing this denun­ci­a­tion, this shame­ful scan­dal will take on oth­er pro­por­tions, includ­ing for those who paved the way for this ignominy. DISK must urgent­ly take the lead in reveal­ing its posi­tion con­cern­ing its media sup­port to these three admin­istrors, and pro­ceed to its self-criticism.

Know­ing that DISK is an affil­i­ate of the Inter­na­tion­al Con­fed­er­a­tion of Unions and of the Euro­pean Con­fed­er­a­tion of Unions … Rais­ing the ques­tion of these denun­ca­tions with these « part­ner » mem­bers in the Con­fed­er­a­tions is imperative.

At this time when the great march for jus­tice would like to appear as the « gath­er­ing » of the demo­c­ra­t­ic oppo­si­tion, these prac­tices reveal how, behind the facade, there exists a will to polit­i­cal hege­mo­ny on the part of frac­tions, vis­i­bly linked to the CHP, who do not hes­i­tate to hand over their oppo­nents to the AKP’s regime of injustice.

In the same way as demon­strat­ed by the vote to lift par­lia­men­tary immu­ni­ty last year we now see in the work­ers’ unions the rav­ages of par­lia­men­tary oppo­si­tion under the flag of « nation­al uni­ty », and how fun­da­men­tal oppo­si­tions to the regime get set­tled for those who speak out­side the approved « talk­ing points ».

Trans­la­tion by Renée Lucie Bourges
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