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With the birth of Şûjin, no cen­sor­ship, ban or decree can real­ly stop women in their strug­gle to own their freedom.

A new, fem­i­nist source of infor­ma­tion has been launched. We had Jin­ha, the fem­i­nist news agency of which all mem­bers were women, a world first. The Turk­ish regime banned Jin­ha, shut down its offices and sealed off its doors.

They are back, enriched by their pre­vi­ous con­crete expe­ri­ences and even more deter­mined not to be silenced. They have orga­nized under Şûjin’s roof.

In Kur­dish, şûjin means “the big sewing nee­dle » the one used for heavy work, for exam­ple for bags meant for pack­ag­ing… So why this name, şûjin ? « To stick it into the tongue of main­stream medias ! » they answer.

The şûjin tool is a woman’s inven­tion, and since şûjin includes the word jin, mean­ing « woman » in Kur­dish, it was per­fect to rep­re­sent the newspaper.
Women who began their ven­ture into self-defense with a nee­dle, con­tin­ue their strug­gle, even if the Şûjin paper has been shut down by the regime. Equiped with pen­cils and cam­eras, they will keep on prick­ing with the big nee­dle where need­ed, wher­ev­er male dom­i­na­tion, patri­archy, sex­ism, mil­i­tarism, racism and specism show up.

In a world where we still hear « As women, shut up ! »
Şûjin will raise its voice, not only by relay­ing cur­rent news, but also by car­ry­ing the voice of women with ideas in the col­umn « From women’s pens », women’s words that the sys­tem attempts to erase in its « Files », and women’s life sto­ries trans­mit­ted as her­itage in its “Por­traits”. The col­umn “Jine­ol­o­gy” will be reserved for exchanges, dis­cus­sions, and the­o­ret­i­cal and ide­o­log­i­cal advances.

Şûjin is on its way… In its pages, women will be at the heart of the news, rid of their patronyms that are a con­tin­u­a­tion of patri­archy, the affil­i­a­tion inscribed on their iden­ti­fi­ca­tion papers.

Şûjin women are reap­pro­pri­at­ing the expe­ri­ence, con­vic­tions and stub­born­ness passed on by women such as Rosa Lux­em­bourg, Gurbetel­li Ersöz, Emma Gold­man, Vir­gina Woolf, Ayfer Serçe, Ulrike Mein­hof, Deniz Fırat.

And Şûjin arms itself with a tongue that stings like a needle. | Kur­dî | كوردى | Eng­lish | العربية | Türkçe Twit­ter @GazeteSujin | Face­book Gazete­Su­jin


August 2017 :

Şûjin has been banned and shut down, fol­low­ing the pro­mul­ga­tion of decree n° 693 on August 25thŞûjin’s offices and those of the news agency Diha, also for­bid­den by decree, have been placed under seal.

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Translation by Renée Lucie Bourges
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