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In France, D-Day for the start of the de-confinement, on the road to “the world of the future”… And yet, more than ever, mainstream media will have confined the minds, surfing on fears, two-bit controversies and promoting “specialists” and “authorities”.

The contrast is striking between great creativity taking the time to give birth to reflections and “digital conviviality” and the opportunistic pre-digested matter of the information system, locked into the copy-paste of official communication. To such an extent that if even occurred to officials of governmental propaganda to set up “temporarily” a culling of published information via a “checking” site.

Frequency and reading statistics for Kedistan, this tiny niche of alternative information, are there to confirm this. Never for a very long time have searches been so frequent as in March and April for something other than “as seen on TV”. Let us rejoice over this, but at the same time, let’s be aware of the fact that all this reflection could remain unanswered and provide an enormous reservoir of disillusionment when “the world of before will awaken in that of the future”.

I am closing these columns under the coronavirus with these pearls I can only suggest you string together one after the other, in order to have a necklace of memories that may prove as useful as a “dream catcher”, so dear to North American Indians.

What better way to go back to the future than to pick through this black and white that suits it so well.

And, of course, since there is not question of attributing to one’s self the talent and the work of others, but only a wish to make their work better known if possible, go pay them a visit with these links:

La Péloch • Youtube | Facebook | e-mail

A playlist in French to enjoy…

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