Winter, the snow making everything more difficult, the cold and pitiless night. The bombs…You can feel all this in Northeastern Syria.

Shahba, where refugee camps begin and war takes over.

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Zones holding refugee camps should be protected at the international level by the Geneva Conventions.

Images and videos from these zones show that this is not the case. This security and this protection are utopic. A few kilometers away from places that were designed as a shelter, the sounds of bombs and fighting are heard. The Syrian Kurdish forces are defending the lives of these people with their own.

Russia roars against the Turkish aerial strike. The whole portrait is that of a complex chess board on which the lives of civilians continue to serve as pawns.


“What a horrible night. What a nightmare,” the families tell us, shaking their heads between their hands.

“They are not even eight kilometers away. This place is full of people displaced out of Afrin. What more do they want?”

Life. That’s what Turkey wants, the life of those who live on these lands the Turkish State wishes to appropriate. Life at the heart of things, devoid of any peace, and without the European Union lifting its eyes on the mud.

Rossella Assanti for Kedistan

A child remains a child everywhere, no matter what happens…
Photos by @AzadiRojava on Twitter

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Rossella Assanti

Rossella Assanti, activist and freelance journalist specialized in Kurdistan issues.
She believes in truth as a means of making justice win. Travel so that his pen becomes the voice of those who are silenced.

Translation by Renée Lucie Bourges
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