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Nowadays, you can watch war crimes live, filmed by their perpetrators.

Already, 80 years ago in Eastern Europe, SS troops filmed their monstrosities and archived the genocide. The Nuremberg tribunal made use of those images but it took years before they were distributed. Nowadays, the whole world can access them with one click. Political cowardice, treasons, and cowardice before the crimes is only the more abject aspect of it.

By Tamer Dursun “Savaş, ve tavşan terlikli kadınlar

War and women in bunny slippers

An anxious woman surrounded by a dozen or so soldiers. The soldiers laugh. On their faces, the pride of having captured an “enemy”. They are soldiers and men at the same time. They have weapons in their hands, military insignia on their shoulders.
The woman is confused.
The woman is alone.
The woman is desperate.
The young woman’s condition increases the appetite of the horde massed around her head. What are they thinking?
Taking selfies with her, sending them to their families…
Or killing her.
Perhaps raping her before killing her…
crime de guere
A detail holds my attention.
The slippers with the bunnies…
The woman is wearing slippers with bunnies on them.
This innocence in the midst of war is like a slap in the face.
In the midst of men already drooling, with their finger on the trigger, a woman wearing slippers with bunnies on them.
And the woman’s eyes.
Her pupils.
They tell me so many things.
I must bury myself six feet under and never come up again.
The animals…
The children…
The women…
A silent mass whimpering under the persecution of my fellow creatures who, with their penis and their weapons, shit in the Earth’s mouth.
Cruelty, blood and suffering have infected the world.
We can’t get over it anymore.
Who knows, maybe victory will come from women wearing slippers with bunnies on them, against the men with their weapons and their stripes, and we will be able to breathe a bit.
Who knows…
Tamer Dursun

On October 21 at 9 PM, YPG fighter Çîçek Kobanê, was wounded in the leg and fell between the hands of Erdoğan’s Dijadist back-up troops at Misrefa in the Ayn Issa region (Serê Kaniyê).

The lead image was taken from a video shared as a victory by the Jihadists who captured Çîçek Kobanê.

SOHR, the Human Rights Observatory of Syria, announced that the Jihadist on the video who, while laughing, threatens to “cut (her) throat” and calls her a “PKK pig”, is one Yaser Abdul Rahim, founder of the group of gangs called Fallaq Al Majd, part of the El Sham Corps close to the Muslim Brothers. This man also took part in the “Euphrates Shield” and the “Olive Branch” operations conducted by Turkey, a member of NATO…

Since then, there have been no news of Çîçek Kobanê. The YPJ declare that the young woman’s life is threatened and call for action.

Meanwhile this same Jihadist, already accused of war crimes, is invited live on Al Jazeera, without this so much as raising an eyebrow!

Added on October 26 10:30 PM:

Apparently, thanks to media coverage and international mobilization, the YPJ “prisoner” Çiçek Kobanê was not left by Erdoğan to the barbarity of his Jihadist back-ups. She is reported to be alive and transferred to Turkey for judgment (according to Turkish media).
Via Rojava France on Twitter, which you can also follow ! @RojavaFrance

Update 23 March 2021

The Court has just issued a sentence of aggravated life imprisonment, after refusing to recognize that the Turkish jurisdiction was not competent to try a Syrian person illegally arrested in Syrian territory by militias, injured, and then kidnapped in Turkey.

Translation by Renée Lucie Bourges
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