She is one of the trans pris­on­ers fight­ing in jail in order to obtain a tran­si­tion surgery. Giv­en a life sen­tence for “sep­a­ratism”, she was impris­onned when she was 22 years old, thus, 25 years ago. As  astrans woman, deprived of surgery, she still has 17 years to spend in iso­la­tion in men’s jails…

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Her name is Buse (pro­nounced Boucey, mean­ing Kiss in Turkish)…

In July 2018 in the type F prison for men in Tekir­dağ, she went on hunger strike for the autho­riza­tion to obtain surgery. After 38 days of strike, the tri­bunal  pro­nounced a favor­able opin­ion, so she stopped her hunger strike. But the deci­sion was nev­er applied. So, on Jan­u­ary 31 2019,  still voic­ing the same demand, she began a new strike, this one a “fast until death” [a hunger strike devoid of all intake of salt­ed or sug­ared water.]

On Feb­ru­ary 20, the twen­ti­eth day of this hunger strike to the death, the Human Rights Asso­ci­a­tion (IHD) filed a peti­tion with the Unit­ed Nations explain­ing the details of the rights vio­la­tions to which Buse was sub­ject­ed and spec­i­fy­ing the denial of jus­tice, notwith­stand­ing arti­cles 8 and 14 of the Euro­pean Con­ven­tion on Human Rights.

The admin­is­tra­tion of the prison then agreed to speak with her and she sus­pend­ed her strike.

Since then? Nothing…

Last August, despite favor­able deci­sions and reports both from the tri­bunal and the hos­pi­tal, the surgery was still being pre­vent­ed. In des­per­a­tion, Buse then cut her penis herself…

She was then trans­ferred to Metris prison in Istan­bul to the reha­bil­i­ta­tion cen­ter for pris­on­ers with psy­cho­log­i­cal or severe and chron­ic phys­i­cal conditions.

Buse sends the fol­low­ing let­ter from Metris prison…

I went to Samatya Hos­pi­tal. Urol­o­gy took no inter­st in me. The doc­tor told me “this is the first time I see a trans sex­u­al”. He sent me away. Plas­tic surgery took me in for aus­cul­ta­tion and trans­fer to Capa Hos­pi­tal. I went to Capa. Urol­o­gy did not attend to me, I was trans­ferred to Androl­o­gy. From Androl­o­gy to Plas­tic surgery, and from there, I was trans­ferred again to Urol­o­gy and sent me back to Andrology…

The doc­tors did not speak with me. They attempt­ed to under­stand the sit­u­a­tion sole­ly by talk­ing to the admin­is­tra­tor through the win­dow. I found myself in Androl­o­gy again. I don’t know if they will take care of me. I am hope­less. I feel very, very poor­ly. I have no strength or par­tience left.

I had said that if my plas­tic surgery as a trans was pre­vent­ed again, I would kill myself. I had said that, if the delay went on, I could­n’t guar­an­tee that I would­n’t kill myself…Along with my phys­i­cal health, my men­tal health is in an alarm­ing con­di­tion. If I am not oper­at­ed on as soon as pos­si­ble, I will kill myself. I will put an end to this. In fact, I don’t want to talk about sui­cide. But I feel I must talk about it so that the admin­is­tra­tive staff can’t say “we did­n’t know, we could­n’t guess”.

I have no strength left, no ener­gy to bear any­thing more, my phys­i­cal and men­tal health are at an alarm­ing lev­el. Even uri­nat­ing is unbear­able. I wet my legs, my feet, dirty my clothes. Some­times, the urine splash­es onto my face. More­o­ev­er, when my body becomes stim­u­lat­ed dur­ing my sleep, I suf­fer intense­ly. But I can’t talk about any of this with the doc­tors. They don’t let me speak…They get rid of me, with­out exam­in­ing the reports and doc­u­ments care­ful­ly. Their whole atti­tude says they hate me for being a trans. Even a sui­cide seems unavoid­able, they could­n’t care less. Moral­ly, I am fin­ished. I hope they will take emer­gency mea­sures. If not, I will have to act on the emer­gency myself.

I’m fed up with life, I’m ashamed of myself. I’m ashamed of being forced to con­stant­ly express what I am experiencing.

I send all my friends salu­ta­tions and affection.

Take care of yourselves.

N.B. I have only one set of cloth­ing left. If any friends wish to send me dona­tions, I would be very pleased.


buse détenue trans

You can come to Buse’s help immediately

Buse real­ly needs to expe­ri­ence our solidarity!

Here is a web­site where you can send your mes­sages of sup­port. All let­ters will be passed on to her by friends.

Ultra sim­ple to use…

Pro­vide you name and sur­name (Ad-Soy­ad) and you email (E‑Postal), then write your let­ter (Mek­t­up) and send (Gön­der).

Thus, with three clicks, you can pass on your feel­ings to her.

Write to:

buse trans prison

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