She is one of the trans prisoners fighting in jail in order to obtain a transition surgery. Given a life sentence for “separatism”, she was imprisonned when she was 22 years old, thus, 25 years ago. As  astrans woman, deprived of surgery, she still has 17 years to spend in isolation in men’s jails…

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Her name is Buse (pronounced Boucey, meaning Kiss in Turkish)…

In July 2018 in the type F prison for men in Tekirdağ, she went on hunger strike for the authorization to obtain surgery. After 38 days of strike, the tribunal  pronounced a favorable opinion, so she stopped her hunger strike. But the decision was never applied. So, on January 31 2019,  still voicing the same demand, she began a new strike, this one a “fast until death” [a hunger strike devoid of all intake of salted or sugared water.]

On February 20, the twentieth day of this hunger strike to the death, the Human Rights Association (IHD) filed a petition with the United Nations explaining the details of the rights violations to which Buse was subjected and specifying the denial of justice, notwithstanding articles 8 and 14 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

The administration of the prison then agreed to speak with her and she suspended her strike.

Since then? Nothing…

Last August, despite favorable decisions and reports both from the tribunal and the hospital, the surgery was still being prevented. In desperation, Buse then cut her penis herself…

She was then transferred to Metris prison in Istanbul to the rehabilitation center for prisoners with psychological or severe and chronic physical conditions.

Buse sends the following letter from Metris prison…

“I went to Samatya Hospital. Urology took no interst in me. The doctor told me “this is the first time I see a trans sexual”. He sent me away. Plastic surgery took me in for auscultation and transfer to Capa Hospital. I went to Capa. Urology did not attend to me, I was transferred to Andrology. From Andrology to Plastic surgery, and from there, I was transferred again to Urology and sent me back to Andrology…

The doctors did not speak with me. They attempted to understand the situation solely by talking to the administrator through the window. I found myself in Andrology again. I don’t know if they will take care of me. I am hopeless. I feel very, very poorly. I have no strength or partience left.

I had said that if my plastic surgery as a trans was prevented again, I would kill myself. I had said that, if the delay went on, I couldn’t guarantee that I wouldn’t kill myself…Along with my physical health, my mental health is in an alarming condition. If I am not operated on as soon as possible, I will kill myself. I will put an end to this. In fact, I don’t want to talk about suicide. But I feel I must talk about it so that the administrative staff can’t say “we didn’t know, we couldn’t guess”.

I have no strength left, no energy to bear anything more, my physical and mental health are at an alarming level. Even urinating is unbearable. I wet my legs, my feet, dirty my clothes. Sometimes, the urine splashes onto my face. Moreoever, when my body becomes stimulated during my sleep, I suffer intensely. But I can’t talk about any of this with the doctors. They don’t let me speak…They get rid of me, without examining the reports and documents carefully. Their whole attitude says they hate me for being a trans. Even a suicide seems unavoidable, they couldn’t care less. Morally, I am finished. I hope they will take emergency measures. If not, I will have to act on the emergency myself.

I’m fed up with life, I’m ashamed of myself. I’m ashamed of being forced to constantly express what I am experiencing.

I send all my friends salutations and affection.

Take care of yourselves.

N.B. I have only one set of clothing left. If any friends wish to send me donations, I would be very pleased.


buse détenue trans

You can come to Buse’s help immediately

Buse really needs to experience our solidarity!

Here is a website where you can send your messages of support. All letters will be passed on to her by friends.

Ultra simple to use…

Provide you name and surname (Ad-Soyad) and you email (E-Postal), then write your letter (Mektup) and send (Gönder).

Thus, with three clicks, you can pass on your feelings to her.

Write to:

buse trans prison

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