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LeMan, the week­ly satir­i­cal mag­a­zine devot­ed its lat­est cov­er to the tan­dem of Don Erdoğan and his ser­vant Davutoğlu.
Sur, a neigh­bor­hood of Amed (Diyarbakır) is now in ruins…

Turk­ish Prime Min­is­ter Davu­toğlu recent­ly drew a par­al­lel between Sur and Tole­do, the Span­ish town that wit­nessed vio­lent clash­es in 1936, espe­cial­ly around the Alcazar Mil­i­tary Acad­e­my. This is where the Tole­do Siege of Alcazar occurred, in which nation­al­ist troops resist­ed against the Repub­li­cans dur­ing a sev­en­ty-day long siege.

The Repub­li­can artillery shoot at Alcazar. Every day, wider breach­es open.
Despite its dis­man­tled tow­ers, its facades rid­dled by pro­jec­tiles, Alcazar resists. From time to time, a brief lull. The phone rings and, always, the use­less ques­tion and the same ster­ile dia­logue between the Repub­li­can gen­er­al Riquelme and the Fran­quist Moscardo.

– Colonel, do not force me to destroy our noble Alcazar!

– Gen­er­al, do not ask me to dis­hon­or it!”

We should notice that Davu­toğlu ascribes him­self the role of the Span­ish Repub­li­cans, in a furi­ous rever­sal of roles, since con­tem­po­rary real­i­ty is turned upside down, the armed and mer­ce­nary ultra nation­al­ists, police and back-up troops com­bined, are the ones lead­ing the assault, and Don Erdoğan bears a strange resem­blance to a polit­i­cal Franquist.

Davu­toğlu spec­i­fies that “Sur will be entire­ly rebuilt” and “that he will be informed of each stone that will be laid there.” Go fig­ure which pro­mot­ers are ogling this destroyed work­ers’ neigh­bor­hood and are impa­tient­ly wait­ing to start on the work…

And this is the draw­ing pro­duced by car­i­ca­tur­ist Sefer Selvi.

Davu­toğlu : “It will be like Tole­do, won’t it, Master?”
Erdoğan : “Yes, San­cho.”


Translation by Renée Lucie Bourges
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