Zehra Doğan

Zehra Doğan March Exhibition in Austria

Zehra Doğan’s works will be exhibited in Vienna (Austria) during the week surrounding March 8th, the day dedicated to women’s struggles. The Viennese association Asyl in not, active in greeting political refugees, is organizing this exhibition of some twenty reproductions of Zehra Doğan’s works, thus placing March 8th under the sign of a persecuted Kurdish […]


“Turkey sheds blood in Afrin with weapons supplied by the West”

During the conference by the Solidarity with Afrin Platform in Geneva to which participated Salih Muslim, spokesman for the PYD (Syrian Democratic Union Party), he criticized the position of Western countries supplying weapons to the Turkish Army. February 17 2018 – in French on RojInfo “Turkey sheds our blood with the weapons you supply”, Muslim declared, […]