Kurdistan • The Dangers of Nationalism

A text by a journalist and surprising traveller, a lover of the Middle East, attentive to the political solutions underway despite recurring wars, and bloody upheavals of decrepit nation-states drawn with rulers and treaties, or violently erected against the mosaics of peoples, their history, religions, cultures and common pasts.

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Coops in the Kurdish Movement, an Emancipation Tool for Women

Coops in the Kurdish Movement, an Emancipation Tool for Women. Two Testimonies. Following the adoption of the democratic confederalism paradigm by the PKK in 2005 as a continuity in the political evolution begun in the nineties, the legal Kurdish movement in Northern Kurdistan (Turkey) began a process of autonomization from the Turkish State.


Circumstancial alliances against the Kurds

After the dead-end referendum in Iraki Kurdistan, starting another column on geopolical news from Irak and Syria as “an attentive observer” would amount to nothing but a compilation of news published elsewhere, if those “news” did not add weight to the Kurdish question considered as a possible way out.