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Coops in the Kurdish Movement, an Emancipation Tool for Women

Coops in the Kurdish Movement, an Emancipation Tool for Women. Two Testimonies. Following the adoption of the democratic confederalism paradigm by the PKK in 2005 as a continuity in the political evolution begun in the nineties, the legal Kurdish movement in Northern Kurdistan (Turkey) began a process of autonomization from the Turkish State.


Uberisation Turkish style : cleaning up on exploitation

In an article published by Sol Gazetesi, Ayçin Özoktay documents the exploitation of daily domestic service employees, now an integral part of the service industry which functions like other industrial sectors on a capitalist mechanism that rests on the exploitation of a work force « with no security » , « flexible » and « […]

İbrahim Kaboğlu İbrahim Kaboğlu

Dr. İbrahim Kaboğlu discharged and deprived of Sorbonne

Dr. İbrahim Kaboğlu, a prominent jurist has been put on the list of the academics discharged by the infamous decree of February 7th. Dr. İbrahim Kaboğlu isn’t just anybody in Turkish constitutional law…His name is among the first to be quoted when the notion of « Constitution » comes up. He teaches constitutional law at Marmara University, […]