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The attorney general declared there was no “racism” involved in the attack against seasonal workers of Kurdish origin in Sakarya and “dismissed all charges.”


Thanks to litigation by Erdoğan against citizens he accuses of “insults”, the honoraria for his lawyer Ahmet Özel amount to 980 thousand Turkish lira (approximately 4,3 million €.)


Mahmut Alınak, former DEP deputy (Democracy Party) seeking to draw attention to the violations of rights and strip searches in prisons, has begun a “human rights watch” in fron the the type F high security prison in Kandıra.


The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has ruled that Selahattin Demirtaş‘ detention was contrary to the convention and demanded that Turkey ‘take all necessary measures” for the immediate liberation of the former Kurdish deputy from the HDP.

Turkish Minister of the Interior Süleyman Soylu: “Demirtaş is a terrorist. The decision by the ECHR is null and void. It is senseless. This is clear and obvious. Europe speaks out of hostility against Turkey and cannot clean up this sistuation, the Turkish judiciary and administration have witnessed this for years.”


Özlem Gümüştaş, co-president of the ESP (Socialist Party of the Oppressed), Cana Yüce co-president of EMEP (Labor Party) and the president of the DP (Revolutionary Party) Elif Torun Öneren announced that all opponents must exert pressure on the authorities in power in order to see applied the decision to liberate Selahattin Demirtaş.



On the 9th anniversary of the aerial strike on Roboski which cost 34 people their lives, Sezgin Tanrıkulu, CHP deputy (People’s Republican Party) declared “the ones responsible for this massacre are currently everywhere inside the government”.

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The “Draft Legislation on the prevention of the distribution and financing of weapons of mass destruction” has just been adopted by the National Assembly despite objections from the opposition, citizens and civil society organizations.

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In his weekly report, the CHP deputy Erdoğan Toprak submitted to the administrative body of his party, he wrote that the non application of the decision by the European Court of Human Rights relative to the liberation of Demirtaş would generate serious consequences for Turkey.

Workers reacted following the announcement of a net minimum revenue of 2 826,90 Turkish lira (313,03€) effective in 2021: “We do not want a minimal life!”


osman kavala

The Turkish Constitutional Court turned down Osman Kavala’s individual request and considered that the time he has spent in pre-trial detention since his arrest on October 19 2017 does not constitute a violation of his “right to freedom”.

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aylin sozer

Alin Sözer, a teacher at Istanbul Maltepe was brutally murdered by Kemal Ayyıldız. While it is difficult to establish a link between the killer and the victim, some sources the police could have contacted claim they were former lovers. In the same day in different towns in Turkey, 4 other women were victims of feminicides.


The office of Ankara’s prosecutor has prepared an accusation proceeding from the inquest on the protests in Kobanê in 2014, against 108 people including the former copresidents of the HDP, Selahattin Demirtaş and Figen Yüksekdağ, who have been in prison now since November 5 2016.

The police intervened during an action by militants of the “We will stop feminnicides” platform and members of the Women’s Councils, who had assembled under the slogan “We shall not remain silent” concerning the four women assassinated on that same day: Aylin Sözer, Selda Taş, Vesile Dönmez and Betül Tuğluk


Enver Müslim, copresident of the PYD (Democratic Union Party of Syrian Kurdistan) declared they were ready to make peace with Turkey, conditional on its withdrawal from Syria, beginning with Afrin, and that it cease its hostile attitude toward the Kurdish people.


demokrasi turkiye

94 representatives from various professions, politicians, intellectuals, writers, artists, journalists published a press release denouncing injustice, the persecution, notably of their peers, and demanding justice and democracy.


Several complaints were filed against the book “Metastaz 2: Cendered”, published by Barış Pehlivan, editor-in-chief of Odatv and Barış Terkoğlu, the information director. Prosecuted for their book but also for their articles and programs, Barış Terkoğlu risks a total of 95 years in prison and 63 years of imprisonment are requested against Barış Pehlivan.


The Turkish Constitutional Court has decided that Yiğit Aksakoğlu who was arrested in the “Gezi Park trial” and spent seven months in pre-trial detention before being acquitted of all accusations, having thus been subjected to violations of rights, should receive an indemnity. The same tribunal recently turned down the request by Osman Kavala who is in prison since October 18 2017 after being acquitted in this same trial, but who was immediately returned to prison on a new accusation…

Translation by Renée Lucie Bourges
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