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The AKP government in our fine Turkey hesitated for a while, not knowing if they should talk about the Armenian or the Kurdish virus concerning the coronavirus.

I’m barely joking.

The first reaction was… to have none, or rather to threaten investigations on “the spreaders of fake news and their sharing, menacing general security and peace of mind on social media relative to the coronavirus.”

But the lead came for our bigots vouching for good morals and public health: “We will all go to Paradise.” And indeed, after the deployment of efforts to ward off the arrival of the virus and so as to avoid having to advertise alcoholic solutions, our wise ones have promised that all deceased ones will be considered “martyrs”. You can take off the mask…

One who dies of the plague is a martyr
Yeni Akit, a rag serving as his Master’s Voice bases its opinion on a hadith reported by Muslim (6/51) and Ahmad (2/522), according to Abû Hurayra.
<< The Prophet said: “Who do you consider to be a martyr?” “The one who is killed on Allah’s path is a martyr. The one who dies on Allah’s path is a martyr. The one who dies of a stomach illness is a martyr. The one who drowns to death is a martyr.” >>
And he explains in terms easily understood by everyone: “Because the martyr is the person who fights against the enemy to protect Muslims from danger. The person who waits patiently and strives so that other Muslims not be infected, in other words, who leads a battle against the illness is also considered to be a martyr. For in both cases, the persons died protecting Muslims.” 

If the President should meet up with the virus tomorrow, this would justify the precautions taken in putting up his portrait as a martyr everywhere. But, once again, these bigots are displaying their patriarcal bias. They didn’t even think about the 40 virgins who will greet these martyrs in Paradise and be infected de facto…which would immediately contradict the quote.

All right, so you’ll tell me that you can only fasten donkeys to the foot of a minaret… I seem to understand that for the American evangelists, news was spreading that God was thus punishing the “sodomites”. I fail to see the relationship with the Chinese origin, but this does raise questions concerning their own meetings where the virus began its international circulation. Being closer to God and his Paradise does not increase intelligence or provide innate science, even less coherence or protection. But Trump will bless them.

The virus crystalizes fears and the god rackets will try to make a profit on it. Too bad if this justifies all their racism, all their homophobia, as long as it unites everyone around the chapel, the temple or the minaret.

I’ve been given to understand that in Europe, it has also reinforced all those in the business of frontiers. Everything should be closed down, controlled, cleansed. Just when the Turkish Reis is pushing migrants toward Greece, the coronavirus will lend the shutting off of fortress Europe the aura of “a sanitary precaution”. All of your extremists on the right wing and all of your xenophobes will soon be calling on suspecting the ‘healthy bearer” migrant who will surely contaminate white Europe, just as the terrorist did yesterday.

Damn, given all this, “we will all go to Paradise” isn’t such a bad idea to prevent panic, after all.

Translation by Renée Lucie Bourges
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