Some of these cities are resistant to all wounds. Like Tehran. “He who cannot sing poetry is not an Iranian,” said Sufi poet Hafez… We came back from Tehran, full of poetry and music…

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titi robin iran

I come back from Tehran,

Where life is sweet and bitter at the same time.

I come back from Tehran

full of strength.

I come from Tehran,

World is a liar

and our masters also fool us,

we are the sheeps of a strange colorless wool.

I come back from Tehran,

where my buzuk sang

the stories that I have matured since childhood.

I come back from Tehran,

life is sweet and bitter at the same time.

Who are you to hold me to account?

I’m proud to have drunk at the source,

where the water is bitter and soft at the same time.

Who are you to doubt?

Go to the school of life,

to the university of the world,

learn the nameless taste of pomegranate.

I come back from Tehran

and my shadow whistles a new tune from Khorassan.

I come back from Tehran richer than before,

and we must know that fear will not help us

to defeat our common destiny.

Tomorrow must not be combated,

Tomorrow must be embraced with love.

I come back from Tehran

and I’ll go back,

if Khodâ agree.

Ô Hâfez-e Shirazi,

Your secret is so well kept:

a silent nightingale is watching jealously

while the injured rose is dormant.

Smelling in the palm of your hand

the scent of the wild poem that is life,

I drink at the stolen moment that your presence inspires.

Titi Robin

tehran titi robin

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