The mainstream media don’t talk much about Rojava and even less about what goes on there. They never talk about women’s struggles. Quickly forget that the masculine and the virile do not have a monopoly on resistance, courage and armed struggle.

You, readers of Kedistan, know about AslıZehraNuriye… and you will adore Soraida, a woman from Palestine, in this 2004 film by Tahani Rached, a film director whose outlook and quiet, dignified strength we love.

To meet Soraida is to discover another face of Palestine, a country where not all women are veiled, where men don’t use the wooden words of political correctness and where children are not all human bombs. Soraida invites us into her home and dares to ask the question : « How can we not lose our humanity when we are crushed down ? »

She speaks humorously of her small victories, her dreams and daily resistance and, with a smile, shares her universal thoughts on confinement and occupation.

No doubt her words will echo with those of others struggles and other curfews…

The first ten minutes where, with a doormat, Soraida threatens the snipers watching in front of her place, but also her meetings with talkative neighbors or her walks through town to rediscover hiding places…This long documentary is filled with sparkling characters, tragi-comic anecdotes and speaks of Revolt as a necessity.

On, discover other nuggets on Palestine, and watch other films by Tahani Rached.


Featured image : “That stupid sniper didn’t see me, he should keep an eye out and shoot.”

Translation by Renée Lucie Bourges
En français : “Palestine • La résistance au féminin” Cliquez pour lire

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